ARLGP Success Story: Meet Lucy!

Hearing from our past adopters about how their ARLGP alumni pet is doing in their new life is like icing on the cake for us (or cherry on a sundae, if you’re the ice cream type).  When we heard from Renee about the cat she adopted a month ago, Lucy, we were very excited to share her story!  Read all about Lucy’s new life below.  We think she found her purr-fect family.


Lucy and her new family!

Lucy and her new family!

Our new friend Lucy is doing very well here at home.  The first couple of days here she was nervous and found a cozy hiding place, but slowly began emerging and exploring on her own.

Our biggest worry pre-adoption had been how our 8-year-old dog would respond to her, as the dog came from a home where the cats had ganged up on her.  Happily, our dog seems to have amnesia regarding that trauma, and looks at Lucy as an exciting new playmate.  For the first few weeks home, we cornered off a couple of rooms for Lucy to have some privacy from the dog – now we have one room that will be prominently dog-free for Lucy’s comfort, as the dog can get a little overzealous with play attempts and Lucy needs a quiet space of her own.  Otherwise, at night, they snuggle together or Lucy attaches herself to my lap as I read or watch television.

Lucy snuggling with her new mom and canine sister.

Lucy snuggling with her new mom and canine sister.

Lucy is such a sweetheart!  She loves to snuggle, and is so content in the evenings just to be draped across one of our laps.  She is very vocal, especially when being spoken to or around feeding time.  She plays with her toys, and enjoys racing at full speed back and forth across the main room.  She also enjoys watching birds and the neighborhood children out the window.  Since her time here, we have learned/suspected that she has previously been around dogs and that in a prior home her food was probably heated in the microwave (she comes running whenever she hears the microwave buttons beeping!).  She was probably brushed often, as she came running the first time she saw the brush.  At one time, she obviously had a loving home… and we are happy to give that to her again. 

Thank you for our wonderful friend!

Renee and Family

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