Dog of the Day: Meet Tasha!


Tasha enjoying a field trip

You won’t miss big, beautiful Tasha when visiting the Animal refuge League of Greater Portland’s kennels. Tasha is a 3-year-old Presa Canario mix, weighing in at around 100 pounds. As an adventurous girl, she enjoys being curious on walks—it’s when her personality really comes out! She is a strong, relaxed, confident girl who would do best with an owner who can spend some quality time enriching her life with lots of exercise, training and kindness.

Tasha garners a lot of attention and interested adopters upon first sight, but we find she has a hard time showing her true personality during an initial introduction. To really get to know Tasha, visiting with her more than once will certainly help her come out of her shell. Once she warms up to a new friend, her personality shines. Tasha has been at the ARLGP for some time, and has made connections with adopters, only to find that it wasn’t a great match. Our volunteers take her on weekly filed trips, and she often spends the weekends with a foster family to give her a break from the shelter atmosphere.

Tasha_fieldtrip2_smallOur favorite thing about Tasha is her goofy and energetic personality. Tasha loves nothing more than to spend the day on a blanket in the sun, enjoying the sights, sounds, and scents of nature. She would be perfect for a family who enjoys being outdoors with her, hiking, lounging, camping- it would make her world.

The ideal new family for Tasha would be an active one, a couple or a single person, who’s looking for a companion and best friend. We know she does well around old   er kids, based on her experiences with her foster home. The most important thing Tasha needs from a new family is time… the longer she knows you the stronger she will love you. She is really an amazing gal.

To learn about Tasha, we encourage you to stop by the ARLGP to meet her. You can also call the shelter directly to talk to a member of our kennel team at (207) 854-9771.


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