Feline Fee Waiver: Meet Our Purple Kitties!

The Animal Refuge League of Greater Portland uses a fun system to connect adopters to cats and dogs looking for new homes. Developed by the ASPCA, the Meet Your Match Program takes the home life and environment of an adopter and pairs it with an animal with a personality and behavior set that would do best in their home.

How does it work? Before a cat becomes available for adoption, a staff member or volunteer spends some quality time with the animal observing how they show affection, respond to people, enjoy playtime, and their level of interaction and curiosity. Based on the cat’s response to our interactions, they are placed in a color category that best represents their personality.

Purple Cats represent the cats we call Secret Admirers and Private Investigators. These cats show a higher level of reclusiveness, and take a bit more time to warm up to new situations and new people. They may have a bit more independence, and know how to stay out of trouble (no curtain climbing for these kitties!). Because they sometimes tend to be on the shyer side, they are often overlooked by adopters at the shelter. These are not the cats meowing at the front of the cage for your attention. These are the beauties taking a nap in their bed, observing you from afar- to make sure you’re worthy of their affection. Don’t get us wrong, purple cats can come out of their shell and flourish in the right home; it just takes a little more time for them to get there.

What is the ideal home for a purple Secret Admirer or Private Investigator? A quiet place, with calming and affectionate humans. These kitties need time and encouragement to adjust to their new people and homes. A patient new family who will help their purple kitty adjust, and enjoy the affections that follow after they have settled in.

On Saturday, June 28th, we will waive adoption fees of all purple cats adopted between 10am and 4pm. We currently have many purple felines looking for the purr-fect home, and we hope to be your match-maker on Saturday. If you’ve been thinking about adding a sweet, loving cat to your family, consider coming in Saturday to meet our purple crew. We promise you won’t regret it.

Meet 5 of our 20 purple cats below!  View all cats up for adoption on our website.



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