ARLGP Takes 21 Cats from Washington County

ARLGP staff work with the 21 cats upon intake.

ARLGP staff examine the 21 cats upon intake.

On Friday, June 27th, the Animal Refuge League of Greater Portland received 21 cats removed from a home in Washington County by the State of Maine Animal Welfare Program.  Upon arrival, the ARLGP conducted thorough medical examinations with our shelter veterinarian, Dr. Beth Sperry, and our animal care technicians.  All of the cats will receive necessary medical treatment, vaccinations, and spay/neuter procedures before being available for adoption.  Many of the cats were found to have Upper Respiratory Infections, a common cold-like virus that affects cats living in close proximity with other cats. They will undergo treatment and antibiotics to clear their system of the infection.  Many of the cats will also need extensive dental work, a procedure that can often be expensive.  The cats appear to have had very little socialization and enrichment, and will require staff and volunteer assistance to acclimate them to their new surroundings.

ARLGP receives 21 cats from Washington County.

ARLGP receives 21 cats from Washington County.

Sarah Ashe, ARLGP Feline Manager, was eager to offer immediate response to the situation.  “The ARLGP is committed to assisting animal welfare organizations and groups in our home state.  We were happy to respond to this urgent situation, and take as many felines as our shelter could house.  We are currently in our peak season, running at capacity.  We were quick to react and make room for these Washington County cats, to ensure they had a healthy place to recuperate.” The cats will be available for adoption within the next 2-3 weeks, dependent on their medical treatment and recovery.  To learn more about cats currently up for adoption at the ARLGP please visit  To assist in making space for our new 21 guests, the ARLGP will be waiving fees on all purple Private Investigators and Secret Admirers on Saturday, June 28th.  Read about our Purple Cat Saturday fee waiver here. To support our life-saving programs, consider making a donation to our Emergency Medical Fund.


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