Over 8 Cat Fee Waiver

This weekend, Saturday, July 26th and Sunday, July 27h we will be holding a fee waiver on all cats over the age of 8. Summer is our peak season here at the ARLGP, and we have over 150 felines currently in our care. Summer always brings an influx of adorable kittens, which can cause our older adult cats to go overlooked by adopters. Our goal is to highlight these amazing cats, and showcase them as fantastic companions!

What can you expect from adopting an older cat? Maturity. Older felines still possess much of the typical cat-like silliness and playfulness we come to expect, but they also have matured in their behaviors and personality, so they truly offer a great set of qualities.

An advantage to adopting an older feline? You know what you’re getting! Kittens are super cute, but it’s often hard to tell how that kitten will grow into their personality and what they will be like as an adult. With older cats, there’s no waiting to tell.

But don’t forget, there’s always an adjustment period. With every cat that finds a new home, we always advise adopters to take it slow. Bring your cat home and introduce them to one room in your house. Use their bedding that you bring home from the shelter, and make them a safe and comfortable spot in that room. Make sure water, food, litter and toys are available to make them feel as secure as possible. Give it some time. Depending on the cat, you can wait a few days to a couple weeks before letting them explore your home further. Over time, they will continue to settle in and adjust to life in their new home and with their new family.

Interested in learning more about these great, over-eights? Come on in! We are open Saturday from 10am-4pm, and Sunday from noon-4pm. Fill out a cat adopter survey (print a copy at home if you want, or fill one out at the shelter), and come in and speak with a feline adoption counselor. We will take into consideration your family lifestyle and point out some felines that we think would be a great fit. Meet a few kitties and see who you make a connection with (we always say, the animal picks the adopter). We think our adoption process is pretty fun (and easy breezy).

Meet a few of our fee-waived cats below. We hope to see you this weekend!

Gabriella-070561Gabriella is our resident television star. After appearing on Good Day Maine last week, she has acquired quite the fan base. Gabby is a talker, and enjoys long conversations with her human friends. She enjoys a great open window to relax in and enjoy the sights and sounds of the outdoors. She’s a true companion, and would prefer to spend her time next to her human. She’s also what we refer to as a Leader of the Band, so she’s looking for a more active and engaging home to settle into.

soxSox is a true lap cat. Are you looking for a snuggle companion? Then Sox is your gal. She enjoys spending her time napping in the sun. She gets along well with other cats, and would happily enjoy a new family who already has felines. Sox is a Private Investigator, and is looking for a quiet and calm home where she can come out of her shell and shine.

pepePepe is a quiet and reserved young man. He’s a petite boy, who enjoys shoulder rubs and head butts from his people. Pepe has lived with other cats before, and wouldn’t mind going home with a family with other felines. He’s a sweet soul, looking for a calm and relaxing home. Pepe is a Private Investigator, and would like a great retirement home to cat nap and socialize in!

annaAnna is a playful gal! She loves a great mouse toy or catnip sack to kick around. She is also super affectionate, and loves giving head-butts and purrs to her people. And, who can resist a sweet orange face like hers? Anna is a Sidekick, which means you’ll never be without a constant companion.

View all of our adoptable felines on our website.

Consider making a donation to our treatment and care fund, to help us provide care to over 4,000 homeless animals every year.



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