Happy #Dogust!


old timer dogust

What does Dogust mean at the ARLGP?

The ARLGP strives to give everything possible to our canine friends so when we heard about Dogust—the national birthday month for shelter dogs—we seized the chance to give our guests the celebratory day they have been missing. Each dog adopted this month will receive birthday presents and a keepsake birth certificate (while supplies last.) The certificate’s adoption date becomes the dog’s new birthday, because, after all, the chance to go home forever is a new beginning for a shelter pup of any age!

To give the birthday stars useful and beautiful gifts, we have partnered with Waggo, a Brooklyn-based company creating “modern, fashion-forward, durable and functional products for man – and woman’s – furry best friends.” These gifts include squeaky balls, monkey fist ropes, rubber chews and porcelain bowls.

Dogust is a nationwide event, celebrated by shelters across the country, so in this way we also connect to our kindred spirits out there. Using the #dogust with our social media posts we send happy birthday wishes to newly-adopted dogs all over the country!

waggo dogust

Why do shelter dogs need a birthday month?

Many of our canine friends at the Animal Refuge League of Greater Portland come in as strays and therefore do not have known birthdates. Some of the relinquished or confiscated animals come in with vet records and from those we can determine a finite date of birth. However, sometimes in these cases, documentation is missing or inconsistent and a birthday cannot be determined. BUT we want to give new adopters and adoptees another reason to celebrate during the adoption process, so why not spread some Dogust love this month?

Dogust stars to date

Kane (August 1)

Happy Birthday Kane

Bailey (August 3)

Happy Birthday Bailey

Molly (August 3)

Happy Birthday Molly

Maggie (August 4)

Happy Birthday Maggie

Happy Birthday—you sweethearts really deserve it!

What you can do to make the birthday celebration even brighter

Tell your friends to spread birthday cheer, loud enough for every shelter pup to hear! Follow the progress of birthday pooches from your back yard at the ARLGP and across the country by using #dogust !

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