Spice, Kitten from New Mexico Mysteriously Lands at ARLGP!

Spice, the New Mexico resident who mysteriously made it to Maine

Spice, the New Mexico resident who mysteriously made it to Maine

As many of you may have heard, we have quite a mystery here at the ARLGP.

On November 11th a local man brought Spice to the ARLGP, after finding her in a duffel bag outside Threads of Hope, a Catholic Charities thrift shop located on St. John Street in Portland.

We performed our normal intake procedure on Spice, including checking her for a microchip. We were happy to find Spice had one, as microchips are our #1 way of reuniting stray animals with their owners. However, the biggest surprise came next.

We contacted the microchip company, gave them Spice’s microchip ID number, and learned that she resides in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

So, how did Spice end up in Portland, Maine? Your guess is as good as ours.

After contacting her owner in Albuquerque, we learned that her 6-month-old, gray and white kitten – named Spice – went missing Halloween night. The owner has never visited Maine, nor knows anyone in the area. She was elated to find out that her cat was safe, but she was as perplexed as we were on how she ended up 2,300 miles away from home- in Maine.

IDEXX President and CEO, Jon Ayers, with new friend Spice

IDEXX President and CEO, Jon Ayers, with new friend Spice

We have been overwhelmed with support from our community and beyond to get Spice back home for the holidays. We’ve had people reach out from NYC to Canada, from local Maine families, to supporters on the West Coast. We are thrilled that Spice’s story will have a happy ending. Jon Ayers, President and CEO of IDEXX, a Westbrook-based, global animal welfare diagnostics corporation will be covering the cost of sending Spice back home to New Mexico. IDEXX is a generous supporter of the ARLGP, and we are very appreciative of their help getting this little lady back to her family. Please join us in putting our paws in the air for IDEXX and Jon Ayers. We are also very appreciative of our friends at Southwest Airlines, who were quick to respond to Spice’s story, and offer to assist in her trip back home.

The ARLGP cares for more than 4,000 homeless and displaced Greater Portland animals annually. Over half of the animals that come through our doors are lost or stray. Spice’s journey speaks to the importance of microchipping and providing identification tags for your cat or dog. Microchipping is a low-cost service we provide right here at the ARLGP, for just $35.

We are elated that Spice’s story has circled the country, to shine a light on the importance of animal welfare organizations and pet adoption. We’ve been working closely with the Albuquerque Animal Welfare Department, the shelter Spice was adopted from, to ensure her New Mexico homecoming is a celebratory affair.

View media coverage of Spice below, and be sure to tune into 94.9 WHOM on Tuesday morning. We’ll be on air, beginning at 7:30am with Teddy McKay and Sandra Harris to talk about Spice’s story. We’ll even be joined by local animal communicator, Sara Moore, to see if she can fill us in on Spice’s journey to Portland.

To support animals like Spice, who come to the ARLGP in need of treatment, shelter and care, please consider making a donation to our treatment and care fund to support our life-saving programs. Every dollar makes a difference.

Local Coverage of Spice:

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National Coverage of Spice:

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