Thomas, a Very Special ARLGP Alumni

Last week the ARLGP lost a very special part of our alumni community.

thomas2Thomas the cat was brought to the ARLGP several years ago as a kitten with an injury that paralyzed him from the waist down. Marie, a long-time volunteer of the ARLGP, met Thomas and knew they were destined to be together.

Thomas became an important part of our humane education outreach programming. He and Marie would visit local schools to talk to children about Thomas’ condition, and why it is so important to be compassionate and kind to animals.


Thomas volunteering in a local classroom

Thomas was a superstar, using a custom-made set of wheels that attached to the back of his body, he was able to move around classrooms with ease. Without the wheels, he would use the strength of his front legs to move from child to child to say hello. Kids and adults alike would be amazed at Thomas’ strength, perseverance, and charm.

Thomas was one amazing feline, who had the most beautiful life with Marie. We will miss him, but will always remember the valuable lessons he taught to children in our community.

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