12 Saves of Christmas: Rocket (Save #11)

Every holiday season we celebrate our ‘12 Saves of Christmas’ and count down 12 of our most memorable adoption stories from the year. Visit our blog daily to see who else we feature, with our final and most memorable story announced Christmas Day!

Rocket is a 14-year-old feline, who was brought to the ARLGP when his owner moved into an assisted-living facility. Rocket went into the home of a family member of the owner, who was not able to keep Rocket, so they brought him to the ARLGP so we could find him a new home.

When friends of Rocket’s owner heard that Rocket was in need of a new home, they called us right away to see if he was still available for adoption. When they learned he was still waiting for a new family, they drove all the way up to Maine from Maryland to adopt him as fast as they could! We even packed Rocket a care package for the ride back to Maryland, full of toys, food, bedding and a litter box to make his trip to his new home as comfortable as we could.

Rocket2Check out Rocket with his new Dad! It looks like he has a wonderful new(ish) home with a family that loves him and even watched him grow over the past 14 years.

We are wishing Rocket a very Merry Christmas, from Maine to Maryland! We bet Santa will be very good to Rocket this year.


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