12 Saves of Christmas: Blu (Save #10)

Every holiday season we celebrate our ‘12 Saves of Christmas’ and count down 12 of our most memorable adoption stories from the year. Visit our blog daily to see who else we feature, with our final and most memorable story announced Christmas Day!

Blu arrived to the ARLGP in June of 2014. She quickly became a staff favorite, with a smile as big as the ocean, and a calm and loving personality that won all of us over.

As a 9-year-old, pit bull mix, we knew that she would often be overlooked in her kennel with younger and more energetic dogs as her neighbors. We did a lot of networking to find Blu the new home she deserved. We sent her out on weekly field trips with Mutt Mentors so people could see her 9-years-young energy and personality. She had lots of sleepovers in the homes of our dog fosters and volunteers, just to expose her to as many potential adopters as possible. We knew she was an amazing dog, and deserved a loving home. Little did we know, Blu’s future family would be close friends and long-time adopters of the ARLGP.

The Hurgin family, a husband and wife volunteer duo who had been taking some time off from volunteering, came in one day in July to meet Blu. They heard about her through our staff, immediately fell for her big smile, and offered to foster her to see how she would do with their family. It was slow-going at first, as Blu got to know their other dog and settle into their home and lifestyle.


Blu’s official adoption day with her new mom, Helen and her new sister, Willow!

After a month of fostering, the Hurgin family happily adopted Blu in August (just in time to celebrate Dogust!). They are happy to report that Blu is doing amazing:

“Blu is a great addition to our family. She and our other rescue dog, Willow, have become good friends. When we first adopted Blu she was reserved and unsure of us, but it didn’t take long before she was happily jumping for joy whenever anyone came into the house. She is very playful and loves everyone she meets. She gets lots of comments on her looks – you would never know she is nine years old! She has come to enjoy spending hours laying in front of the wood stove after chasing her beloved tennis ball all over the yard. We are very lucky to have found our funny and sweet girl Blu.”

Blu1 Blu2 Blu3

We are so thrilled Blu has an amazing new home with a family that will provide her with all the love that she deserves.



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