12 Saves of Christmas: Aztek (Save #9)

Every holiday season we celebrate our ‘12 Saves of Christmas’ and count down 12 of our most memorable adoption stories from the year. Visit our blog daily to see who else we feature, with our final and most memorable story announced Christmas Day!

Aztek1Aztek was transferred to the ARLGP from a partner shelter in New Hampshire the beginning of September. Aztek is what we consider a special needs feline, because he is FIV positive. FIV stands for Feline Immuno-deficiency Virus. It slowly affects a cat’s immune system over a period of years, but does not progress. FIV is a cat-only disease and cannot be spread to humans or other non-felines. FIV positive cats most often live long, healthy and relatively normal lives with no symptoms at all.

Because of Aztek’s special need, we knew it would be a bit more difficult for us to find him a new family. So, we sent him to one of our off-site locations, Longfellow Books in Monument Square, so he would get some up-close and personal time with their staff and customers. We knew shining the spotlight on him at Longfellow Books would increase his chances of finding a new home, as well as promote the adoption of special needs cats (because they are pretty great!).

We also took Aztek into the Portland Press Herald, where our friend and PPH photographer Amelia Kunhardt made an awesome video to showcase Aztek as the purr-fect companion that he is.

Aztek2Lucky for us, a wonderful woman named Bonnie who was a Longfellow Books customer and had seen Aztek’s PPH video, adopted him in November. They report that things are going very well with their new buddy, Aztek:

“We love Aztek. He walked into our home like he owned the place and he hasn’t looked back. He seems to like our 2 dogs (Rocky & Bella, both rescue dogs) and he enjoys playing with their toys. He already found and opened his Christmas present in the closet. He’s curious and is always exploring but he’s a good cat and he loves to hang with his new family. He is the best Christmas present we could have asked for! Thank you, Animal Refuge League and Longfellow Books for rescuing and caring for this sweet boy until we found him.”

It sounds like Aztek will have a very Merry Christmas (if only we all could open our presents early!).

Learn more about the benefits of adopting a special needs feline by stopping by the ARLGP or calling us at (207) 854-9771!

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