12 Saves of Christmas: Barkley (Save #8)

Our 8th Save of Christmas is Barkley. Barkley came to the ARLGP the beginning of November. A very nice family from Long Island, NY who was vacationing in Maine had found him as a stray. Barkley was in rough shape, with his fur completely matted. Upon arrival at the ARLGP we shaved all of his fur off, and removed over 20 ticks from his skin. He had clearly been out on his own for some time, and we were dedicated to getting him back to his healthy and happy self!

The Geppert family, who had found Barkley, made an instant connection with him and patiently waited until he was ready to be adopted to scoop him up and bring him home with them. As soon as he was available, they made the drive up to Maine (over 7 hours) to officially adopt him.

They tell Barkley’s story best:

“How Charles Barkley found us: It was a fall day at our vacation home in Maine. I was sitting by the pond reading a book when I noticed this shaggy sweet-faced dog, sitting on a rock next door, staring me down. Each time I looked up from my book he was a few steps closer. It was love at first sight when I felt that cold wet nose nudge my elbow, his eyes begging for attention! Sadly, I quickly realized that this matted creature with branches and brambles buried in his fur must be lost. He had a black collar but no tags. After a dog biscuit and a dish of water we walked with him up and down our road, stopping cars along the way asking if they recognized him. No one had seen him before. After years of having dogs, I knew I had to do the right thing and call animal control. This sweet pup had to belong to someone. Due to timing and circumstances, we could not get him to animal control until the next day. In the 30 hours we were together, I had affectionately started calling him Sir Charles. As we parted ways, I somehow sensed we would meet again. The next day as we left for home, I had to stop a ARLGP to check in and see how Sir Charles was doing.

The two photos on the right show Barkley when he was found by the Geppert family as a stray. The two photos on the left show Barkley now, with his fresh and handsome haircut!

The two photos on the right show Barkley when he was found by the Geppert family as a stray. The two photos on the right show Barkley now, with his fresh and handsome haircut!

From the moment I walked into the ARLGP I knew Sir Charles was in good hands. The folks at ARLGP were so caring and helpful. They explained the protocol with lost dogs. In our conversation they said they had named him Barkley and I giggled thinking (hoping), that if I were to be reunited with him someday – his name would HAVE to be Charles Barkley!!

Long story short… today, Charles Barkley is ours – I didn’t have plans on having another dog but the universe had other plans! Now, Charles Barkley has a new forever family with us and our 3 kids, along with his dog sister, Chloe and two kitty brothers. All is right in our world!!”

The Geppert family, celebrating Barkley's first holiday in his new home!

The Geppert family, celebrating Barkley’s first holiday in his new home!

We couldn’t be happier for Charles Barkley and the Geppert family for meeting on that sunny November day, as it clearly was meant to be.






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