12 Saves of Christmas: Chelsea Girl (Save #6)

Every holiday season we celebrate our ‘12 Saves of Christmas’ and count down 12 of our most memorable adoption stories from the year. Visit our blog daily to see who else we feature, with our final and most memorable story announced Christmas Day!

We recently got a very special update from a very special adopter. Famed artist, Dahlov Ipcar, found a new feline companion at the ARLGP. Known for her beautiful paintings and illustrations, often of animals, we were thrilled to learn she adopted Chelsea Girl. We received this wonderful note, to let us know how Chelsea Girl is doing with her new mom:

“Dear Animal Refuge League,

ipcar2This cat now called Chelsea Girl was adopted from your organization on September 16, 2014 and is happily living with a famous artist in Maine, Dahlov Ipcar. Dahlov has written over 33 children’s books and her large oil paintings are in every museum in the state. She lives on a farm and loves her new cat from your organization. She loves animals and has had cats all her life. Her previous cat died and this beauty is giving her great joy. They have bonded and here is a photo which her son Robert took of the cat watching Dahlov eat. Chelsea Girl only eats cat food but is very alert and curious and joins Dahlov at her table watching Dahlov eat. The cat has her own chair and they are buddies.”

Chelsea Girl is one lucky cat, to find such a wonderful home with Ms. Ipcar. We are wishing them a very happy holiday season together.


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