12 Saves of Christmas: Buster Brown (Save #4)

Buster Brown arrived at the ARLGP in January of 2014 as a stray. After his incoming veterinary exam, we learned a lot about Buster brown: he was a very sweet boy once he trusted you, he gave the best head butts and kisses, and he was FIV positive. Like Aztek, who we previously featured on the blog, FIV positive cats tend to stay longer at shelters than non-FIV positive cats do. FIV stands for Feline Immuno-deficiency Virus. It slowly affects a cat’s immune system over a period of years, but does not progress. FIV is a cat-only disease and cannot be spread to humans or other non-felines. FIV positive cats most often live long, healthy and relatively normal lives with no symptoms at all.

We knew Buster Brown was a special guy. We featured him regularly on our facebook and website. We took him on Good Day Maine for an up-close and personal spotlight. We had our feline staff write down all of his best qualities, so our volunteers and team could encourage visitors to say hello to him every chance they got.

Read some of our adorable Buster Brown facts below, that we recited to everyone we could!

  • What is Buster Brown’s cutest quality?
    Buster is a HUGE cuddle bug! He loves to be held and be close to his people. He’s a super snuggler.
  • What is your favorite thing about Buster Brown?
    He has the best head butts. He shows his love and affection by constantly butting his head against you. And, he gives lots of kisses! He’s the best smoocher.
  • Why does Buster Brown deserve to be the next feline adopted from the ARLGP?
    He’s the sweetest companion. He’s never met a lap he didn’t want to curl up in, or a human he didn’t want to head butt.

Nine months passed, and Buster Brown still hadn’t been adopted. We were all surprised he hadn’t found a new home yet, as we had come to know Buster Brown to be a true companion. We knew there was someone out there who was looking for a lap-cuddling, head-butting, smoocher!

One day in October a wonderful couple came in, looking for a feline companion. We were quick to recommend Buster Brown, as they didn’t have any other cats and they were looking for a cat they could spoil with love and affection. They did an introduction with Buster Brown, and quickly knew he was the one they were looking for. We truly think Buster Brown held out for his purr-fect companions, and he knew it as soon as he met them!

Buster Brown with his new family on his adoption day!

Buster Brown with his new family on his adoption day!

We now get a lot of updates, written by Buster Brown himself (how he learned how to type, is beyond us!). Read one of his most recent emails to us below:

Busterbrown1_edited“Hi everyone at the ARLGP,

My adoptive parents told me to tell you about my progress. I am doing fine, but I still miss all of you. You took such good care of me. My fur is nice and soft and I don’t have bad breath either. My appetite is good.

I like to head butt my new parents, but they say I am a little too hard when I do it (I do it on purpose to drive them crazy). Thank you for loving me enough to give me up!  I will make you proud!

Love always,

We miss you too, Buster, but we know you have an amazing new family! We look forward to more adorable emails to keep us updated on all that is happening in the world of Buster Brown!





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