12 Saves of Christmas: Emma (Save #3)

Every holiday season we celebrate our ‘12 Saves of Christmas’ and count down 12 of our most memorable adoption stories from the year. Visit our blog daily to see who else we feature, with our final and most memorable story announced Christmas Day!

Emma was surrendered to the ARLGP in May after being hit by a vehicle. She was badly injured, with a large wound and severe road rash on her skin. She was a young girl, not even a year old. We knew we needed to do everything in our power to get her back to her happy and healthy self. She received emergency medical care, her wound and road burns were treated, and she began to feel better.

Emma in her foster home enjoying a nice stick!

Emma in her foster home enjoying a nice stick!

Emma was placed in a foster home to heal, but as time passed we began to notice that Emma didn’t want to put any weight on her back leg. She favored it, often choosing not to use it all. We had digital x-rays done to see what was going on, and learned that she had an injury that would require an orthopedic implant as a result of her accident.

We sent her to a local specialist, where she had extensive surgery to insert the orthopedic device and re-attach her ligaments and tendons. She needed multiple screws and anchors placed in her leg to repair the damage. This also meant a large cast, and over 3 months of strict cage-rest. For a  young Boxer mix, in the middle of the summer, her inability to frolic and play was the hardest part of her recovery. But we knew for her to heal and be as healthy as she deserved, she needed to rest and wait it out with her foster family. In August, her cast was removed for good, but she still had two months of restricted exercise. She started physical therapy with Gayle Hickok, of Pawsitive Results K-9 Rehabilitation, who is also one of our amazing volunteers.

She stayed with her foster family until October, when she met a wonderful couple who would turn out to be her new family. Pam and Sue came into the ARLGP in October to learn about our plans to build a new shelter, and happened to meet Emma in our offices. When they learned all of what Emma had gone through, and that she was now ready to find a new home, they believed their meeting on that day was meant to be.

Emma and momma Pam.

Emma and momma Pam.

The day we met Emma was the day we walked into the ARLGP to give a donation. We were in a giving mood but in no way did we walk in with the intention of walking out with an animal in need of a home, especially a D-O-G! But alas it really was destiny and, in that spirit, everything about Emma has been a miracle. From the time we wake up each morning to the activities we do on a daily basis, she has changed our lives, she needed us as much as we needed her. Our lives now seem to revolve around our dog! We didn’t intend for that to happen, it just did.

Emma in her new backyard!

Emma in her new backyard!

Emma has changed our life for the better in more ways than we can describe. She has brought with her a wonderful, beautiful spirit that only a dog has; and, in that sense, she is our Christmas miracle.  After enduring trauma and surgery and a lengthy recovery, she has shared with us the unconditional love that only a dog will give.  Emma gives without expectation and has brought us pure joy and laughter each and every day. Emma loves to play inside or out; she laughs and smiles, especially when she is playing “give it to me” (keep-a-way) or “hide and seek.”

No matter what the day brings, Emma rises to the occasion.  Any challenge life throws at us; it’s easier to deal with because of Emma’s big smile and huge heart.  She has a big presence and a fun personality all rolled into 55lbs. She is our Christmas gift and we support the ARLGP because of the great work they do giving animals a second chance at a new beginning.”

We are incredibly happy that our Emma girl has found her perfect family. She is thriving, and enjoying life as a young dog the way she deserves- with lots of playing, running, fetching and most importantly, love. We wish Emma and her new family the happiest of holidays.


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