12 Saves of Christmas: Clark (Save #2)

Every holiday season we celebrate our ‘12 Saves of Christmas’ and count down 12 of our most memorable adoption stories from the year. Visit our blog daily to see who else we feature, with our final and most memorable story announced Christmas Day!

Clark arrived at the shelter on Sunday, August 24th in a very dramatic way, with gun shot wounds in his two front legs. Clark was a stray cat, living in a neighborhood for the past three years. Neighborhood residents provided Clark with food and outdoor shelter. On Wednesday, August 20th, Clark got into a scuffle with a neighborhood child. The local animal control officer was called, and the decision was made to shoot Clark, as it was deemed he could be rabid. After being shot, Clark ran away. He was found by a neighborhood resident, Deb Webb, who brought him to the ARLGP.

Upon arrival, our staff rushed him to the animal emergency clinic for urgent treatment, as his wounds were significant and there was serious damage to his limbs. After spending a night at the clinic, Clark returned to the ARLGP for recovery.

X-rays showed gun shot wounds in both of Clark’s front legs.

We knew there was a long road ahead for Clark. Our veterinarians worked closely with a local orthopedic specialist to develop a plan for Clark to heal as quickly and successfully as possible. Clark was prescribed to strict cage-rest, to see if his bones could heal naturally without surgery. Clark was used to roaming free as an outdoor kitty, so we anticipated cage-rest would be hard for Clark. Boy, were we wrong! Clark couldn’t get enough of our love and attention while he waited out his healing process. He was the biggest love bug, always purring and head butting our staff and volunteers for attention. We knew this cat would pull through and have quite a story to tell.

Clark stayed at the ARLGP for a little under two months while he healed. Throughout his time with us, Deb Webb checked on him weekly. She would come to visit, bringing him toys and treats. She had developed a bond with him when he was a neighborhood cat, and after seeing the ordeal he went through, she wanted to provide him with a permanent place to call home. On October 10th Deb officially adopted Clark, and took him home to join her family. He is strictly an indoor cat now, and couldn’t be happier. We get frequent updates from Deb and Clark, and we are thrilled to say he is doing very well.

“Clark is doing AMAZING!  He is such a good boy and HUGE lovebug.

This morning his big paw poking me in the face woke me up. He is just loving all the attention he is getting.

Thank you all again for the wonderful care you gave him.  I will be forever grateful!”


Clark lounging in his new home!





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