12 Saves of Christmas: Spice (Save #1)

Spice serves as a great reminder of the importance of microchipping our cats and dogs! You likely heard about our young kitten, Spice. Spice arrived at the ARLGP on November 11th after being found in a duffle bag outside of a thrift shop in Portland. Upon her arrival we learned something quite fascinating, Spice belonged to a woman in New Mexico. A small microchip found in Spice provided us with the information of her owner, who resided in Albuquerque. We contacted her mom who was just as shocked as we were. She had never been to Maine, and didn’t know anyone here. She informed us that Spice went missing Halloween night. She very much wanted to get Spice back home, but didn’t have the financial means to fly her across the country.

Spice’s story quickly went viral, with people all over the country wondering how a 6-month-old kitten made a trip more than 2,300 miles across the country in just 5 days. While we didn’t know just how Spice got to Portland, we did know we wanted to do everything we could to get her back home in time for the holidays.

Spice at the Portland airport waiting to travel home!

Spice at the Portland airport waiting to travel home!

We had generous supporters from all over the country reach out to help us get Spice home. Spice’s story had a very happy ending thanks to Jon Ayers, CEO of IDEXX, and Southwest Airlines. Spice flew home with two of our staff members on Thursday, December 4th. She had a wonderful homecoming celebration at the Albuquerque animal shelter where she was adopted from. Later that evening they had a private reunion with Spice and her mom. We hear Spice is very happy to be back home, where the weather is a bit warmer 🙂

We couldn’t be happier that Spice is able to celebrate the holidays where she belongs, at home with her family.

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