Allagash Brewing Awards ARLGP Grant to Assist TNR Efforts

We were very excited to learn that we are the recipient of a grant from our friends at Allagash Brewing Company, to help us fund our trap-neuter-return (TNR) efforts in the Greater Portland area.

Dee Dee Germain, Creative Manager of Philanthropy at Allagash Brewing Company was pleased her team was able to award this grant to the ARLGP for TNR efforts. “Allagash decided two years ago to attempt to make more of a significant contribution to local non-profits. The Animal Refuge League provides a valuable service to our community in many aspects of what they do. We at Allagash are animal lovers and understand the importance of controlling the animal population.”

TNR is an important component of our services to the community. Our mission is to ensure that animals in our community live happy and healthy lives. This also includes animals that aren’t suited for an in-home, companion lifestyle.

TNR is a program that allows us to neuter feral male cats, to reduce animal overpopulation in our communities. Feral cats are unsocial cats that are happiest living in an outdoor environment. To provide TNR services, we humanely trap feral cats and sterilize them so that their population will be managed over a period of time. Once they have been sterilized, they are returned to the location that they derived from. These locations have a dedicated caretaker for the animals to ensure that they remain healthy and have any necessities that they need.

At the ARLGP we feel that TNR is an extremely important program to provide for our community feral cats, as they do not thrive in a shelter environment and are not appropriate candidates for adoption. TNR allows them to live the outdoor life they desire.

We thank Allagash for their continued support and generosity. We could not be more appreciative of our partnership with such a wonderful, local company. Please join us in thanking Allagash for supporting their local non-profits and community animals.


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