Feline Spotlight: Meet Molly!

Molly peeks her head out of her cozy blanket to say hello to the camera!

Molly peeks her head out of her cozy blanket to say hello to the camera!

Meet Molly, a beautiful brown tiger, who is patiently waiting for her new family. Molly is a 6-year-old spayed female, who has been at the ARLGP since October. If you have visited us recently, you likely noticed Molly. She has an adorable way of curling up in her blankets, so only her head pops out. She is our resident people-watcher, always observing the happenings of the cat room from her cozy enclosure. Molly often gets overlooked in her snuggly den when adopters are considering a new feline to take home. So, we asked our feline staff member (also named Molly), to fill us in on all the great things about this special girl!

What is Molly’s cutest quality? She may be considered a Private Investigator here at the ARLGP, but she’s quickly blossoming into more of a Secret Admirer! She loves to peek her head out of her snuggly blanket and give tons of head-butts.

What is your favorite thing about Molly? She’s super cute and loves to snuggle under her blankets. She’d probably be the kind of cat you’d find in your bed, head on the pillow, curled up in your comforter. If you are looking for a companion to give you lots of snuggles and warmth, Molly is a great candidate.

Does she have a favorite toy or treat? She LOVES catnip! Give her loose catnip or a catnip toy and she’ll have a blast.

Molly1_edtWhat would be the best type of home for Molly? A cat-savvy home. If her new home has children, it would be best if they were older and respectful of her space. She also loves dogs. She absolutely adored her canine friend in her previous home, but was a little wary of her feline housemates. She would preferably be the only cat in her household- the queen of her castle.

Why does Molly deserve to be the next feline adopted from the ARLGP? She’s a total love once she gets to know you. She needs time in a smaller space and lots of patience, but it will pay off in the end. She’s looking for a special adopter who’s going to take it slow, and listen to any advice we give about her, and also really give her all the time that she needs to feel comfortable. Once she adjusts to her surroundings, she truly blossoms into a wonderful companion.

If you’re considering the addition of a feline to your household, we encourage you to consider Molly. She deserves a home as special as she is. Stop by and say hello to her, you wont regret it!


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