Feline Spotlight: Meet Tootsie!

Today we are shining a spotlight on adoptable feline, Tootsie! Our feline staff members, Destiny and Molly, put together this awesome blog to introduce you to all of the wonderful things about Miss Tootsie. We know her purr-fect family is out there, and we can’t wait to find her a new, loving home.

Read all about Tootsie below, and help us find her a great home!

Tootsie is a beautiful gal!

Tootsie is a beautiful gal!

What is Tootsie’s background?
Tootsie came to us as a stray, so her background before her time here at the ARLGP is unknown. She is about 2-years-old. Since being here she has seen lots of dogs, puppies, cats, and kittens and seems to be generally interested in them. We wouldn’t be surprised if she loved having animal companions in her new home. The right introduction is key though.

What are her cutest qualities?
She’s always at the front of her cage meowing and making muffins. She definitely wants you to notice her! Don’t challenge her in a staring contest though, because she’ll win hands-down. She also likes to sit with her paws in her water… so silly and cute!

Does Tootsie have favorite item?
Tootsie LOVES her bed. She enjoys having lots of snuggly and comfy blankets to sleep on. She would make a great cuddle companion, and keep you warm under the blankets on these cold winter days!

Tootsie snuggles up with a friend.

Tootsie snuggles up with a friend.

Tootsie’s favorite food or treat?
Anything! She isn’t picky and she loves to eat. She’s very food motivated and would love for some one to spoil her with delicious treats.

Tootsie is what we consider a special needs cat, what is her special need and what should potential adopters know about it?
Tootsie is being treated for epilepsy. She is currently on a medication called Phenobarbital and gets its twice day. This medication is available through any veterinarian. She will eat her medication in a small tuna or a wet food “meatball” and has also eaten it in a pill pocket. Tootsie is also a real trooper if we end up pilling her by hand. She is very, very good about it. We have seen many epileptic cats at the shelter and they are amazing companions. They really just need an adopter who isn’t afraid of a medical condition and is committed to loving them. J

Why does Tootsie deserve to be the next cat who gets adopted?
Tootsie has been here since September and is patiently waiting for her home. She had a rough start but has adapted wonderfully while being here. She’s always greeting everybody who enters the feline adoption room and is always requesting attention from visitors. She’s sweet as can be and is very young and playful. She even is a master at grooming her beautiful coat! Please come down and take some time to meet a truly awesome kitty!



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