Adoptable Cat Spotlight: Meet Sandra Dee!

Sandra Dee playing with a feather toy!

Sandra Dee playing with a feather toy!

Meet our resident member of the Pink Ladies! Sandra Dee has been at the ARLGP since the summer, and can’t wait to meet her purr-fect match. She is a 6-year-old black and white cat, with some very cool tiger markings. Read all about her below—or better yet, come sing “You’re the One That I Want” to her this Valentine’s Day!

What is Sandra Dee’s cutest quality?
Her sweet nature. She is such a lovable cat. She also has a beautiful coat to match her personality.

What should potential adopters know about Sandra Dee?
Sandra Dee may initially come off as quiet and reserved, but once you start petting her the purring is constant. It may take just a few moments for her to warm up to you, but if you give her some gentle pets, and a calm presence, she will be your new best friend. She especially loves behind her ears scratched. Sandra Dee’s funniest quality is that she will let you know when she’s hungry! She’s very talkative when it’s meal time. She loves wet food and treats.

She's a pretty lady!

She’s a pretty lady!

Does she have a favorite type of food or treat?
Sandra Dee loves wet food and is not picky about it, either! Like any kitty, she enjoys treats too!

What would be the best type of home for her?
Sandra Dee would do best in a quiet and loving home, without a lot of chaos. She’s currently located in our free-roaming cat room, where she enjoys the company of the other felines but also does her own thing. Sandra Dee has been with us for quite some time and is just waiting to find her Danny Zuko. She loves to find a comfy place to curl up with a warm blanket. She would likely love a window seat where she can bird-watch. Do you have a bed or couch that needs some warming up? We are quite confident she will be an A+ snuggler!

Sandra Dee is looking to meet her Danny Zuko this Valentine’s Day! We’ve put together a great take-home care package for Sandra Dee and her adopter. Stop by and meet her- you won’t regret it!


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