Thank You

Dear ARLGP friends, foster families, volunteers, adopters, donors and corporate supporters,

Chance and his new family!

Chance and his new family!

This week we experienced something truly amazing at the ARLGP. Our community came together in support of three very special animals in need of homes.

As many of you know, our first priority is to the animals in the communities we serve and to all animals in the State of Maine.  We pride our ourselves in collaboration with other shelters and rescue groups.  When the Humane Society of United States asked the ARLGP to help with a case in Tennessee, we said “ yes.”  Our canine guest count has been low and we had capacity to assist these three boys with training, and socialization.

Bilbo and his new foster-to-adopt family

Bilbo and his new foster-to-adopt family

When Bilbo, Chance and Pauley arrived in Maine, we knew that they would be given a second chance and we were committed to helping them find new beginnings. We knew placing three blind and deaf puppies into new homes would be challenging, so our first priority was to reach out to other groups who work with blind or deaf dogs to learn how to care for these boys. Our second goal was to get them into foster homes to see how they would respond.

After three weeks in foster care they were ready for the next part of the journey. With the help of our friends at the Portland Press Herald and the local television media we told you their story on Friday, and the response we got was extraordinary. We are pleased to report that all three boys are now in new homes– thanks to your efforts to share their story online and to your friends and family.

Pauley and his foster-to-adopt family

Pauley and his foster-to-adopt family

We are so fortunate to live in a community that supports animals in need and adoption. All shelters in Maine do great work – they are the unsung heroes of the State’s animal welfare safety net as are the foster families and volunteers. We couldn’t save as many as we do without you our foster homes and volunteers.

Because of each of you, these boys now have the opportunity to live long, happy and healthy lives, right here in Maine.

From all of us at the ARLGP, there are simply no words to express our profound gratitude to all of you who helped us – thank you for continuing to support our mission and for opening your hearts and homes to animals in need, our success is because of you.

With wags,

Patsy & the ARLGP team


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