Seniors are Spectacular Promotion!

This weekend we are celebrating our older felines during our Seniors are Spectacular promotion! All felines 10  and older will be fee-waived, and go home with a personalized care package. The ARLGP currently has over 15 senior cats looking for new homes. If you’ve been considering the addition of a feline to your family, we hope you consider a senior. They are wise, charismatic, and still have many energetic years left for frolic and play.

We know senior pets often linger at shelters longer than their younger counterparts. We are here to shine the light on these savvy tabbies, and encourage our community to open up their hearts and homes to an animal in their golden years.

Meet some of our Spectacular Seniors below, and stop by this weekend to say hello!

???????????????Franklin, age 12
Franklin is exceedingly playful for a 12-year-old lad. He is considered a catnip connoisseur here at the ARLGP. He loves to give head butts and to find a warm seat right next to his person. He is very affectionate, and is lovingly referred to as a ‘purr-a-holic’. Franklin has lived with cats and dogs in his previous home. He is a highly-social, unique feline.

??????????????Augusta, age 12
Augusta loves being in the company of other cats, and would love to go home with a family that has other felines. She is very affectionate, sweet and petite. She is a lap cat, who loves to give her people lots of snuggles. She is a gentle and calm girl, who would love nothing more than to be in a warm and comfortable home.


Mama, age 10
Mama is a regal queen mother with a cute, plump belly. She is very attentive to her people and is looking for a devoted and affectionate owner. She is very smart and loves to hunt a fake mouse or laser pointer. When she isn’t in her mouser mood, she is a relaxed bundle of companionship and purrs.


Hope, age 13
Hope is an adorable, petite little sweetheart. She loves other cats and would enjoy being in a hope with other felines. She will purr and head butt you for some love and attention. She is very talkative, and would love an owner who likes to talk back!


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