Success Story: Milkyway!

We LOVE receiving updates on ARLGP alumni. It warms our hearts to hear that our furry friends are doing well in their new, happy homes.

Recently we received a wonderful update on former ARLGP kitty, Milkyway:


We adopted Milkyway the afternoon of Saturday, February 28th.  We set her up in her “home base” and she settled in quickly.  She spent the evening exploring and receiving lots of love from her new best friend, our 4 year old daughter.


Sunday morning she was adamant about leaving her “home base” and wanted to begin exploring her expanded area.  We opted to allow her free roam of our finished basement, keeping her soon to be doggy friend on the main floor. We brought her upstairs to say hello later in the afternoon and start the introductions to Baci our beagle.  As you can see she was not fazed by the dog and settled in for a little cat nap. She did spend the night back in her “home base” and the next few days in the basement when we were not home, just in case.

Over the next couple days it felt as if we had her for her whole eight years.  The wake up calls at 5am, the figure eights under our feet, head butting for attention. The patience she has with our daughter is amazing, allowing her to carry her around the house and never being aggressive.


It took about a week for Milkyway and Baci to come to this point.  I think they will be great friends before too long.


Thank you so very much for bringing Milkyway into our lives we love her to pieces!
Rob, Wendy and Anna



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