We Love Our Volunteers!

This week marks National Volunteer Appreciation Week. At the ARLGP volunteers are the heart of our organization. Without their generosity and support, we simply could not provide the level of care and services to the nearly 4,000 animals that walk through our doors every year.


Yanina, an ARLGP dog volunteer, hangs out with Zoey at Rescues on the Runway.

We can’t say enough amazing things about the community members who donate their time to our organization. Our weekly team of 250 shelter helpers assist with everything from kennel cleaning to dog walking to laundry. We are immensely grateful for their continued support week in, and week out. The ARLGP also sees more than 25 corporate volunteer teams every year. These employee groups spend a day at the ARLGP helping with larger projects that often require a special skill set or many hands to accomplish. Local corporate groups have assisted with large painting projects, walking trail maintenance, shed construction, deep cleaning, and so much more. With the support of these amazing business partners, many of our larger shelter needs are accomplished with purr-fection! And, we cannot forget our community youth. Students of all ages lend a hand at the ARLGP. Graduating seniors, local classrooms, after-school programs and scout groups all pitch in to support and volunteer with the ARLGP. These youth ambassadors and animal advocates make a huge impact to our organization, and lead the way in cultivating a community of youth volunteerism and support.


Leadership in Training volunteers from Gray lend a helping hand!

Sophia Bahlkow, ARLGP volunteer and humane education coordinator, beams with pride when she talks  about our stellar volunteer team “Our community of dedicated volunteers is part of our history, as well as our exciting future.  They support and grow along with the League as we continue to raise the bar of our community programs and services. There is nothing more encouraging than having hundreds of people advocating for our organization and our animals. I am so grateful to know them, to see them in action and to work alongside them.”

TD Bank spends a day at the ARLGP!

TD Bank spends a day at the ARLGP!

In 2014 we saw more than 600 community members volunteer at the ARLGP. Combined, they donated more than 16,000 service hours. It is hard to find words to describe just how thankful we are for the support given by volunteers to our organization. If you have ever spent time volunteering at the ARLGP, or at any other worthy organization in our wonderful community, PAWS UP to you!

A Portland Girl Scout Troop constructs and plants our bunny gardens for their bronze service award.

A Portland Girl Scout Troop constructs and plants our bunny gardens for their bronze service award.

We’ll be celebrating our volunteers all week long, as well as with our annual Volunteer BBQ Bash this summer! Please join us in thanking all volunteers in our community– and beyond.

If you are interested in learning more about our volunteer program, head on over to arlgp.org/volunteer for all the paw-some details!


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