#StaffPickOfTheWeek: Elvis

We’re starting a new series here on the ARLGP blog, called #StaffPickOfTheWeek. We’ll feature one of our awesome team members, and their pick of an equally awesome adoptable pet. This week Molly, a feline care technician, is taking over the blog and telling us all about Elvis!

Molly and Elvis

Molly and Elvis

Hi! My name is Molly, and I am an Animal Care Technician and Adoption Counselor for our feline team! I have worked here for about a year and a half. My favorite thing about the ARLGP is the outstanding level of care that is provided to the animals. The dedication that everybody has here is truly amazing.

This week, my #StaffPickOfTheWeek is Elvis. He is an 7-year-old, black cat who has a small patch of white on his chest. He is sweet as candy and a super snuggle bug! If you haven’t already seen his big cheeks, then you should, and of course give them a squeeze. He loves to roll around and head-butt you. He is calm and quiet, and the perfect cat to have as a cuddle partner. All he wants to do is share his love with a special some one.

Elvis1_soloElvis is FIV positive. You might have heard about this in some of our other blogs. FIV stands for Feline Immuno-deficiency Virus. It slowly affects a cat’s immune system over a period of years, but does not progress. FIV is a cat-only disease and cannot be spread to humans or other non-felines. FIV positive cats most often live long and healthy lives with no symptoms at all.

One thing you may not know about Elvis is he is a bit of a book worm. He was recently featured at one of our offsite adoption locations, Longfellow Books. The staff and customers of Longfellow Books absolutely loved having him there; he was always greeting and purring hello at the customers.

If you are looking for a true companion, come in and meet this super handsome fella and give him the home he deserves.

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