#StaffPickOfTheWeek: Duke

We’re starting a new series here on the ARLGP blog, called #StaffPickOfTheWeek. We’ll feature one of our awesome team members, and their pick of an equally awesome adoptable pet. This week Amber, a canine care technician, is taking over the blog and telling us all about Duke!

Read last week’s post on Elvis here, who we are happy to report was adopted!

Duke showing off his big smile for the camera!

Duke showing off his big smile for the camera!

Hi ARLGP Friends! My name is Amber and I am an Adoption Counselor and Animal Care Technician in the canine department at the ARLGP. I’ve been here a year working with our canine friends. My favorite part of my job is definitely meeting new people and dogs, hearing their stories, and making families happy through adoption!

Today I’d like to feature Duke, a 4-year-old American Pit Bull Terrier Mix.

The best thing about Duke is his enthusiasm about doing just about anything with people. When he comes in from walks he needs to come say hi to everyone in the hallway. He gets so excited to get attention, it’s ridiculous. He doesn’t care if you’re coming to get him for a walk, or to see the vet, he is so happy to see you and go do something that his tail never ever stops wagging.

Duke and Amber

Duke and Amber

I have adored Duke since he first came to the ARLGP and what really drew me to him was how gorgeous he is. Now I know we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but I’ve found out that he really is a fantastic dog under all that handsomeness.

Duke absolutely loves tennis balls! He has almost gotten the hang of fetch, he prefers to run around the yard with the tennis ball in his mouth. He gets so happy he just rolls around on the ground with it like a big goofball.

Duke would like an active home that can take him on walks or hikes and has a nice yard for him to run around in. He loves rolling around in the grass and chasing tennis balls. He did well with children in his previous home, and I feel like he would make a fantastic family companion. He has gotten along well with female dogs before, but he seems to prefer having playmates that aren’t too rambunctious. He’d probably be pretty happy as the only dog so he doesn’t have to share his tennis balls with anyone but his people.

Duke sitting patiently for a game of fetch

Duke sitting patiently for a game of fetch

I think Duke deserves to be the next dog adopted because he has grown so much in the short time he has been with us! He used to be nervous around new people, but he has gained a great deal of confidence around new people. I feel Duke gets overlooked in his kennel because he looks like a bit of a tough guy, especially when he isn’t showing you his big happy smile. He is extremely well behaved in his kennel, people often come out and marvel at how quiet he is and how nicely he sits for them.

If Duke could talk to you while you walk by his kennel he would say “I’m a giant teddy-bear!  I love back scratches and belly rubs!”

I really can’t say enough good things about Duke. He picked up on the routine here really fast and is overall a very polite boy (he will sit for a treat, toy or his meal). He can pull a little on the leash when he gets excited, but all of our walkers like him a lot.  I think he would do phenomenal in a training class so he can put that big, beautiful brain to use!


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