Staff Pick of the Week: Meet Bruno!

Hi! My name is Felicia and I am a Feline Animal Care Technician and Adoption Counselor. I’m also a foster for dogs and bunnies. I have been a staff member at ARLGP for 8 months. My favorite part of working here is getting to see so many animals go to amazing new homes. I love how everyone here and in our community is committed to finding new homes for animals.

My staff pick this week is Bruno. Bruno is a 6-year-old, medium haired brown tiger cat. He has cute white tufts in his ears and long whiskers. But, he will always charm you with his green eyes and friendly “Meow.” Bruno just wants to be around you all the time, whether it is in your lap, in your arms or weaving between your legs. He also has a playful side and likes to chase balls and sticks.


Felicia and Bruno enjoying a snuggle session!

Bruno is what we call a special needs kitty. He is FIV positive. FIV stands for Feline Immunodeficiency Virus. Although he will have it for his whole life, he will likely go his whole life without symptoms at all. As long as he is taken to the vet for his yearly exams, he will be a healthy and happy kitty! Bruno also has a mild food allergy, so he requires a hypoallergenic food. This is food that can be purchased through your veterinarian. We are committed to finding every animal their new, happy beginning at the ARLGP and encourage adopters to consider special cats like Bruno.

Bruno also really loves kids and other cats. We’re not sure about his history with dogs. We’d be happy to talk to any potential adopters about great ways to introduce him to any furry siblings he may be sharing his new home with.

If you are looking for a sweet companion who loves lots of rubs and attention, you should come meet Bruno!


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