Fianna Tattoo Studio Fundraiser for ARLGP

This weekend is a busy one for the ARLGP! We have our Clear the Shelters event, a microchip clinic at Pet Life and a fundraiser with our friends over at Fianna Tattoo studio in Portland.

tat_4_cat_finFianna will be offering paw and animal themed tattoos on Saturday, August 15th from 11am-7pm. All tattoos are priced at an affordable cost, with all money raised from the day donated to the ARLGP. How awesome is that?

We asked James McGrory, owner of Fianna Tattoo, why supporting his community was so important to him.

Why does Fianna hold fundraisers like this?
It’s important in the community to keep paying forward and give back to causes we believe are worth while.

Do you (and fellow Fianna tattoo artists) have animals? Why is it important to you to support animals in need?
Yes, my wife and I have 5 dogs that we’ve rescued and after working at a bird sanctuary we’ve also adopted 10 birds. We feel it’s important to support animals in need since they don’t have a voice and we have to help whenever we can. Not only that, but they have just as much of a reason to want a good life as you or I do.

Tell us about the event, and what makes it so awesome?
With how popular tattoos are and being a desired luxury that people are asking for on a daily basis, I figured it was a great outlet to give people the chance to give back to a great cause.

What’s your goal for the 15th?
Our goal is to do as many perfect tattoos as possible while raising as much awareness for sheltered animals as possible. At the end of the day, knowing that we raised as much money for these animals as possible while doing something we love will make the day completely worth it.


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