Meet Mikey, Our Resident Pirate!

Meet Mikey, a real life pirate!


Well, actually, Mikey is retired now. He put his seafaring and swashbuckling days behind him, but don’t think that means he has lost his sea legs! He isn’t ashamed of his one eye and has long since stopped  wearing an eye patch altogether (we think he secretly loves the extra attention it gets him). If you dare to ask Mikey how he lost it, you will get a different, epic story each time! Our favorite tale involves a mutiny and a couple of sea turtles– it’s one for the books.

At 12-years-young, Mikey prefers the quieter life now with only the occasional adventure sprinkled in for good measure. His favorite activity? Napping in the sunshine. Just give him a nice comfy bed with some soothing ocean sounds in the background and he will be down for twenty winks (well, actually ten winks with the one eye). He loves the ocean life, and would love a mate who enjoys a good trip to the Atlantic to watch the waves crash and smell that sweet, salty air.

With his professional experience, Mikey will be the first to tell you that there is no greater treasure than having a good crew behind you. If your ship is looking for a new captain, you will find none finer in all the seven seas than Mikey! He hopes you’ll stop by the ARLGP to meet him today, he promises you a life of thrilling stories and adventures!


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