Meet Max!

Meet Max, a 2-year-old Labrador Retriever mix available for adoption at the ARLGP.

Max is a charismatic fella. He is the kind of guy that wants to pal around all day with his new human best friend. Whether it’s a nice walk on the trail, belly rubs on the couch or just sitting in the grass enjoying the sunshine (photographic evidence below!), Max would love to stick to your side.


He is a pretty smart guy and knows some basic obedience tricks like sit and paw, but would love to enjoy learning even more tricks and commands with his family.

One thing we we can’t deny about Max: he is always smiling. He just can’t enjoy life without a big, jolly grin on his face:


Max isn’t overly into toys, he would much rather just run around the yard with his people. Max would probably make a fantastic jogging partner as he has a lot of energy and he never wants to leave your side; he’d be the perfect pacemaker if you’re training for a marathon! Max also gives great kisses, as captured below:


Our dog walkers can’t say enough amazing things about this young boy. He walks well on a leash, he trots by your side, he investigates all the best smells. And the cutest thing? As soon as they hit the trails, Max often takes a big flop on the ground to enjoy the fresh-cut grass on his back.

Example A:


And, example B:


Pretty cute, right?

In Max’s new family, he would prefer to be the only animal in his new home. Ideally, he’d like a nice fenced-in yard with lots of room to run around and exercise, and so that he can’t go on adventures without his humans by his side.

We think Max would likely be a great companion to older children or teenagers in his new family. Someone to stay active with, hike the trails with, run in the yard with. He wants and deserves his new best friends. Did we mention he has a silly side? Look at that goofy face:maxHR3

Clearly, Max has so many special and sweet qualities, we can’t say enough good things about him. If you think you have a home that fits Max’s needs and are interested in meeting this joyful, cute and silly boy, stop by and spend some time with him. We promise you won’t regret it!

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