Black Cat Adoption Event Saturday 10/31

Brutus, currently available for adoption at the ARLGP

Brutus, currently available for adoption at the ARLGP

This Saturday, October 31st, the ARLGP will be holding a Black Cat Adoption Event at Planet Dog in Portland from noon-2pm.

Halloween is often associated with black cats. Did you know that black cats stay at shelters longer than their more colorful companions? Perhaps they are simply overlooked in their kennels, or outshined by their tiger-striped neighbors. But, at the ARLGP we know that black cats are personable, outgoing, vocal, and incredibly loving.

We know old myths suggest that adoption of black cats during the Halloween season can be dangerous to the animal (check out Best Friends Animal Society blog post on busting the black cat myth here). But, that isn’t the case. We are confident that through our adoption counseling process, black cats heading into new, loving homes this Halloween season will be very well taken care of. So, we say, let’s put to rest those black cat superstitions and give these beautiful felines the spotlight!

On Saturday, we will have a handful of adoptable black cats available at Planet Dog. Our adoption counselors will be on-hand to discuss each animal’s needs and the type of family and home that would be ideal for them. If you have been looking to add a new, feline companion to your household, we encourage you to stop by Saturday and meet some of our beautiful, black feline friends! Also joining us will be the Black Cat Cafe, with delicious treats for visitors!

7 Reasons to Adopt a Black Cat:

  1. Black goes with everything, does it not? No need to redecorate, or change your wardrobe.
  2. Black is very slimming.
  3. Black cats resemble small panthers, very exotic and wild!
  4. Black cats bring good luck. In many cultures, a black cat will guarantee you the best of luck.
  5. You can always find your black cat in the snow! They’re the easiest to spot during those all-white, Maine winter months.
  6. Black cats offer a variety of color. There’s the all-black, regal cats. The gray-black, more muted cats. The black and white, cow-colored cats. We see them all at the ARLGP, and they are all equally breath-taking.
  7. And, most importantly, black cats need a new family just as much as their orange, tiger, tortie and calico friends! Let’s give them an equal opportunity to find a new home!


Included Links:
Myth Buster: Adopting Black Cats at Halloween by Best Friends Animal Society


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