It’s Adopt-a-Senior-Pet Month: Meet Two Very Special Senior Pairs at the ARLGP!

November is National Adopt-a-Senior-Pet Month, and today we want showcase two very special senior bonded pairs of dogs available for adoption at the ARLGP.

Marcie and Sissy enjoying a walk together on the ARLGP trails!

Sissy (left) and Marcie (right) enjoying a walk together on the ARLGP trails!

Marcie and Sissy are 10-year-old sisters looking for their new family. Marcie and Sissy are incredibly sweet rat terrier mixes. Marcie is mostly blind, and relies on her sister to guide her in life. In return, Sissy relies on Marcie to gain confidence and boost her self-esteem. Together, they are quite the dynamic duo! They are as loyal to each other as they are to their people.

They will require a new family who will take them on daily strolls, to ensure they stay healthy and fit. After a walk, they like nothing more than to cuddle up in a nice warm bed for a nap. They have an immense amount of love to give, and can’t wait to meet their new human companions.

Betsy and Berkley out for a morning stroll.

Betsy (back) and Berkley (front) out for a morning stroll.

Betsy and Berkley are 9-year-old siblings, also looking for their new family. Betsy and Berkley are your typical beagles; they like to stroll around with their noses to the ground (or up in the air), taking in all the wonderful scents of the world.

They are quite a silly pair too! Believe it or not, this duo LOVES bath time. We think they’d even be interested in getting their paws in the lake in the summertime. While they are still fairly active at their age, they also love cuddling up on the couch with their people. They have experience with children as well as other dogs, and would likely make fantastic companions to a wide variety of households. You won’t help but fall in love with this fun, houndy pair.

If you have been considering adding a canine (or two!) to your household, we encourage you to consider these wonderful pairs of pups. Adopting a senior pet has wonderful advantages, for both the adopter and adoptee. If you are interested in meeting either of these pairs, stop by the ARLGP or give us a call to learn more about the homes they are looking for. We can’t say enough stellar things about them, and we can’t wait for them to go off with their new families.


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