Adoptable Dog Spotlight: Meet Ella

Today we are shining the spotlight on adoptable (and extremely lovable) pooch, Ella! We asked Amber, a canine staff member who enjoys spending lots of time with Miss Ella, to tell us all about what makes this gal so special.


Tell as about Ella! What is she like?  Ella is one year and eleven months old (her birthday is next month and she is so excited!!). She is an American Pit Bull Terrier mix looking for a home to call her own. She is super athletic and active; Ella would put most track stars to shame! She is also wicked silly and loves to bound around the yard (with or without toys, she is happy to make her own fun). Her energy and enthusiasm is absolutely infectious. We all wish we had an ounce of the zest for life she has.


Just look at those adorable ears!

What is Ella’s cutest quality? Ella’s best quality is her ears– just look at them! Her little satellites are almost always up and on the alert and it just adds to the expressiveness of her face. We also can’t get over her gorgeous spots; she’s like a work of art!

What is your favorite thing about Ella?  Ella absolutely lives to please her people. Sure she can get a little distracted, she is just so ridiculously happy to see you that she can hardly help but jump for joy. Once she settles she puts her game face on and focuses on the task at hand. We have been working on her impulse control, and having her hold a sit until the door opens and she picked it up extremely quick and loved to hear the praise rained on her. As long as you have a tennis ball or a tasty snack, Ella is all ears and ready to please!

Does she have a favorite toy or treat? Ella loves just about anything and everything! Her absolute favorite toy to play with would probably have to be tug toys. Her favorite treat so far in training sessions has been cheese, but she hasn’t found much that she won’t eat.

What would be the best type of home for Ella?  Ella would love to have a super active household that can take her on all different kinds of adventures. She would do fantastic as a jogging partner and help keep your pace up, or even as a hiking companion. Ella would also like it if she could be the only animal in her new home. Ella would do best in a home that has older kids or teenagers that can help her meet her mental and physical enrichment needs.

Why does Ella deserve to be the next canine adopted from the ARLGP? Ella is a young and vivacious gal; we are amazed that no one has snatched her up yet.  We really can’t emphasize how much potential she has! She is an incredibly lovely girl.

If Ella could talk, what would she say to her potential adopters? “Hi, I’m Ella and I am just so-so-so happy to meet you! Pardon my bouncing, I just can’t help but wiggle when I’m excited. I’m working really hard to be a bit more mindful of my manners and my human friends tell me I’m doing a really good job. I would absolutely love to have a home for the holidays; I can’t wait to start an adventure with my new family!”

To learn more about Ella give the ARLGP a call at (207) 854-9771 or stop by to say hello– we promise you won’t regret spending time with this happy gal!


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