12 Saves of Christmas: Edwin (Save #12)

Every year we count down to Christmas with our 12 Saves of Christmas blog series. It gives us an opportunity to look back on the year and celebrate the impact we have had on animals in need. Every adoption is worth celebrating here at the ARLGP, and we do just that every time an animal paws out our doors with their new family. But, some animals leave even bigger paw prints on our hearts. So, we ask our staff and volunteers every year who was particularly heartwarming to them, and we narrow it down to 12 special four-legged ARLGP alumni. And today, we’re kicking off our 12 Saves of Christmas blog series with Edwin!

This 4-year-old cutie pie arrived at the ARLGP in September of 2014 as a stray. He was shy, nervous of his new surroundings, and reserved. His big green eyes instantly stole our hearts!  We were dedicated to earning his trust, and as we continued to give him affection and companionship, he began to blossom.


Look at those big, green eyes!

At the ARLGP, we have wonderful partnerships with many local businesses in our offsite adoption program. These businesses care for an adoptable ARLGP cat, dog or rabbit, and provide them with love and care until they find their new family.

One of our amazing offsite locations is Longfellow Books in Portland. They are pretty cool people (and huge cat lovers!) and their bookstore adoptable cats have become quite popular with their customers. The best part? The adoptable kitty gets free range of the store! You’ll often find them curled up behind a bookshelf or people watching in the window. Needless to say, their adoptable kitties find homes rather quickly, and are book worms for life.

After almost 3 months of meeting prospective new families at the ARLGP, we decided Edwin would be a good candidate as a book cat at Longfellow. His story from there is best told by his new mom:

“I first saw Edwin listed on the ARLGP website and was instantly drawn to his big green eyes and adorable goatee.  Just a few days later he was moved to Longfellow Books, just a few blocks from my apartment. After meeting him, I adopted him.  He had only been at the bookstore a short period of time but he had some REALLY great hiding places.  After finally locating him in the bookstore, a store clerk and a customer had to move a whole bookcase before we could get him into his carrier. With that and a lovely, yowling stroll down Congress Street, we got to start our adventure together.


Edwin and his mom.

He has changed so much in the last 11 months.  He was shy, quiet, and enjoyed hanging out under the bed for extended periods of time.  Now, there is no scurrying away when more than one person walks through the door and he actually lets them pet him! He loudly voices his frustrations (an owner that sleeps until the sun is actually up, sharing pillows, meals that aren’t at the exact same time each day, crocheted hats, and car trips to see his grandparents).  His extended furless family and I try to spoil him with fancy beds and toys, but for now he really just enjoys the simple things in life – cardboard, plain yarn, laser pointers, and of course “HIS” recliner.


Edwin and his bow tie. Isn’t he handsome?

I am so incredibly thankful to the ARLGP for all that they do and for making sure Edwin had a nice, warm place to stay and a full belly until our paths crossed.  Everyone working there was so excited that he had finally gotten adopted and they kept giving me more and more treats to take home to him. I just could not believe that he had been there for 3 months, but I am glad he was. Edwin has turned me into crazy cat woman and if you ask (even if you don’t ask…) I will gladly show you more pictures him!”

We think that’s quite the fairy tale ending for Edwin!
Check back tomorrow for our next 12 Saves of Christmas post!



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