12 Saves of Christmas: Zoe (Save #11)

Zoe was a special little dog to us at the ARLGP. She came to us as a stray, her fur completely matted, her nails painfully long and her body covered in fleas. Our team gave her a physical exam, and estimated her to be an older gal, about 11 years. But, her senior status had no effect on her spunky attitude- she was all personality! She was an absolute doll; patient and appreciative of our medical care and attention. As we worked with her, to get her back into physical shape, her attitude always remained positive and upbeat, with a dash of sass thrown in for fun. She was a resilient little gal, and we couldn’t wait to find her a new family to call her own.

At the ARLGP we have the Carson Fund, established in memory of animal lover and advocate, Cassandra L. Carson. This fund was created by Cassandra’s mother, Penny, to provide medical care to ARLGP animals in honor of her daughter’s compassion for creatures in need. During the two weeks Zoe was being cared for by our team, Penny found herself looking for her new canine best friend. Her only requirement? A senior dog. Well, the rest is history.


Zoe, happy and healthy!

Zoe was officially adopted by Penny two months ago, and has crowned herself queen of the house! It seems her spunk and sass are here to stay. Penny explains it best:

“Zoe and I have settled into a pattern. Everything is calm around here as long as I follow her rules. She has the big bed, the squirrels, the toys, the retriever game; it all works pretty well.

I cannot believe that someone could not care for this little dog and that they could leave her uncared for. Of course I feel this way about all animals. I truly lucked out with this sweet dog. Of course I love her. I know it is important to show respect and love for the one in charge. I think it took her about 5 minutes to establish that she was the one in charge. My plan was to be in charge. I guess it’s easier to be a follower and respect the leader. Even the squirrels line up outside the glass door to pay attention to little Zoe, the dog with the little face, the black eyes and the big ears.”

We are beyond happy that Penny and Zoe found each other. We wish them the happiest of holidays together.

> Make a donation today to support animals like Zoe through the Carson Fund


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