12 Saves of Christmas: Uno (Save #10)

In August we held our very first Clear the Shelter adoption day as part of a nation-wide event coordinated by NBC. Our goal was simple: to send as many adoptable pets off to new, loving homes as we could. Dozens of people lined up outside our doors, waiting to meet their potential four-legged companions.

Like every day at the ARLGP, we had a wide variety of animals available. Young pups and kittens looking for active homes, seniors looking for their next chapter, special needs animals looking for families who could provide them with the care they required to be happy and healthy (and everything in between!).

Uno, a 2-year-old patch tabby, was available for adoption on Clear the Shelter Day. Uno was an amazingly affectionate cat, who also fell into our special needs category. Uno has Feline Leukemia Virus (FeLV). FeLV is a disease that only affects cats; it is a virus that suppresses the immune system. Currently, there is no cure for FeLV. Because of this, Uno required a new home where she was the only feline and would be kept indoors. Most importantly, she required a family that understood her special need and would make sure she had regular veterinarian examinations to ensure she was happy and healthy.


Uno and her new dad!

To our happiness, just the family came in looking for a feline on Clear the Shelter Day. They had no other animals, were looking for a young and fun feline, and were ready to welcome one into their home. We eagerly directed them to Uno, who was snuggling in her kennel ready to say hello to anyone stopping by. It was love at first sight and Uno now spends her days lounging on the sofa gazing out the window, or snuggled up with her human siblings. Uno’s dad reports things are going very well:


Uno lounging at home.

“Uno is happy to lounge around the house; she enjoys several perching spots for afternoon naps, and is a very loving and friendly cat!  Her favorite spots are the kids beds, my bed, or on top of the couch!”

We are over the moon that Uno is spending the holidays in a loving home. If you find yourself looking for a new four-legged companion, why not consider a special needs pet? They have just as much love, affection and companionship to give as any other animal looking for a new home.  We promise you won’t regret it!


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