12 Saves of Christmas: Grace (Save #9)

We first met Grace the Weimaraner in July of 2012. She was brought to the ARLGP when her family could no longer provide care for her. She was about 7-years-old, and had been with that family the majority of her life.

We were immediately smitten with her. Her gorgeous gray coat, her soulful eyes, and her constant affection had us head over heels for her. However, the shelter was a hard transition for Grace. We could tell she was confused, unsure of her new surroundings. We did everything in our power to gain her trust and make her stay with us as happy as it could be for her.


Who not fall in love with this girl?

Between July 2012 and March of 2015 Grace was adopted and returned to the ARLGP for shelter and care two more times before finding her permanent family. At no fault of her own, Grace found herself in two households that experienced significant life changes and could no longer care for her. Each family loved Grace immensely. They all said the same things about her: she was an amazing companion, beautiful, easy-going, incredibly affectionate, the most wonderful dog. And each family was terribly heartbroken to bring her back to us. But, that is one of the many reasons we are here; to be a safe landing place for pets in need. Each time we were happy to welcome Grace back, and even more motivated to place her in her permanent home.

In March of 2015 a wonderful couple, Katie and Josh, stopped by to meet some dogs. To their surprise, this beautiful, 10-year-old girl had them instantly head over heels (a familiar reaction to us!). Today, Grace is happy at home with Katie and Josh and they wouldn’t have it any other way:

“Grace is awesome. It took her about a week to get fully settled but she fits in perfectly with us and our roommate, Chris. She likes long walks around Back Bay, or the beach, and playing in ponds. She also loves to cuddle, chase squirrels, and do sprints on her night walks. For 10, she gets around pretty darn well!


Grace at the beach! Look at that smile.

We seriously love everything about her. She’s just the biggest sweetheart and most chill dog in the world, and she’s been the best addition.

We will celebrate the holidays by stuffing her new stocking full of duck jerky and other goodies and chilling on the couch watching lots of Christmas movies. We already decorated our tree together!”


Grace with her mom and dad decorating their tree.

Updates like Grace’s bring tears to our eyes. We’ve known Grace now for more than 3 years, and we are incredibly happy she is a part of Katie and Josh’s family. We are wishing them the happiest of holidays together.



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