12 Saves of Christmas: Quimby (Save #8)

At the ARLGP we see many bunnies hop through our doors in need of shelter and care. Quimby, formerly know to us as High-Five, came to us this past summer. He was transferred to us when another shelter in Maine found themselves overwhelmed with rabbits. We happily took Quimby and several other buns to help them find new homes from the ARLGP.

Quimby was a young, white rabbit, full of personality. He quickly became a staff favorite; he was quite a lovable guy! An interesting statistic: white rabbits linger longer at shelters than rabbits of other colors. So, we knew we had to work super hard to find Quimby his new beginning.


What a handsome boy!

After almost six months, Quimby’s new humans walked through our doors. They were looking for a bunny to add to their family, who needed to get along with a guinea pig sibling! After meeting Quimby, the rest is history:


“Quimby is an amazing addition to our family. He has virtually adopted baby Carl, our guinea pig, and enjoys watching over him as he plays, cuddling, grooming, and even sharing his toys. His favorite toy is a good-sized double bell ball, which he tosses about his cage when he’s not lugging it around or sleeping with it in his house. Also, if he likes someone, he will bring the ball about two feet away from them before hurling it at them with all his might!


Quimby and his piggie brother, Carl!

Quimby quickly became a daddy’s boy, and will wait at the door to be let out when dad gets home from work. His favorite pastime with dad is relaxing under the coffee table with his ball, a handful of fresh Cilantro and of course, watching The Simpsons (he was named after Mayor Quimby after all!) When he has had his fill, he will hop back into his cage and call it a night. He fills us with lots of laughter, and has given Carl all the love and company his little heart can muster. Everything considered, I’d say he’s having the time of his life and is happy to have found a home.”


Quimby and his dad.

We are so happy for Quimby and his family! If you are looking for a new bunny companion, stop on by the ARLGP and say hello. We have some amazing rabbits looking to spend the holidays in a new, happy home.

And, check out our upcoming bunny adoption event on Sunday, January 3rd. Learn all about how bunnies make awesome pets, and what they need to be happy and healthy in their homes.


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