12 Saves of Christmas: Chowdah (Save #7)

At the ARLGP we work collaboratively with many shelters across the state. We have a wonderful partnership with the Humane Society Waterville Area, and together we have transferred hundreds of cats from HSWA to the ARLGP to ease them when they face animal overpopulation. It is a win-win for both communities, and helps more Maine animals in need. We are incredibly proud of the work we do together.

One particular kitty that came from HSWA was Chowdah. Chowdah had quite a personality, and the most adorable face. He instantly won us all over.


We sent Chowdah to one of our offsite adoption locations, knowing his charisma would find him his new humans in no time.

To our surprise, the store manager had recently lost both her kitties. The minute she met Chowdah she knew he was there for a reason: to be her new best friend.

“Devastated and missing my cats, I looked forward to the day we would be ready to bring a new kitty into our home.  My work houses cats waiting to be adopted through the Animal Refuge League of Greater Portland.  I came in and there he was; a cat whose personality was matched by his cuteness.  Our hearts weren’t healed from our recent losses but I had to take Chowdah out of his cage upon seeing him.  I held him and knew I wanted him in our home.  I contacted my significant other 10 minutes later explaining to him the new love I had found.  The next day my significant other came into my work to visit Chowdah.  He picked him up and it was love at first purr.  He nearly cried as we both knew we had found the new cat of our lives.  I told my co-workers to deter any customers who wanted him because that cat was mine!

Chowdah is the purrfect addition to our family.  He is a very loyal companion, waiting by the window for us to return from work each night.  He sleeps with us every night and wakes up with us every morning.  During the day he naps on his flannel shirt or under the dining room table in his chair fort.  The location varies according to where we are, as he loves human companionship.  When he’s not napping, he’s playing.  He’s very proud about catching the red dot on occasion and has learned to catch his toys with his giant paws we affectionately call muk-luks.  When he first came to us, it was clear that he wanted to play but needed big toys to fit his big stature.  I made a toy for him out of my bathrobe tie and it’s one of his favorites!

When he’s not playing, he’s the purrfect personal assistant.  He tries to assist in the shower, hanging out between the shower curtain and liner.  He loves making sure our coffee table is clear of anything on it.  He opens the desk drawer so it’s easier for us to get whatever he thinks we need. He even has proven to be an effective mouse catcher!

Chowdah is very curious about our Christmas tree but he is yet to climb it.  He does have his favorite ornaments which he feels belong elsewhere besides the tree.  He also fancies the garland and believes that belongs in the next room.  For Christmas, Chowdah’s requested more dental treats, toys, to be around family, his own special canned feast like the one he had for Thanksgiving, and for all shelter animals to find a home.  Chowdah has his own facebook page, Chowdah’s Cornah, devoted to the cause.  Shelter animals have so much love to give and Chowdah is no exception to that.  He rescued us and we are so happy and grateful to have our pantaloon prince in our home!”

We are thrilled for Chowdah and his new humans. Be sure to check Chowdah’s Cornah out on facebook. He’s always up to something fun!

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