12 Saves of Christmas: George (Save #6)

14-year-old George was a talker! Anyone who visited us this fall was surely greeted with a loud “hewwoo… meooow” in our cat room. Talkative is putting it mildly, this boy was a chatty cat. And we absolutely loved it.

George was also a special needs kitty. At 14, he was on a special diet to help his digestion. His fur was a little messy, as it was a bit more difficult for him to groom. As social as he was, he wasn’t a huge snuggler. He was strong-willed and fiercly independent. He preferred to have a nice conversation with his humans, rather than be held or fussed about.

Given his age and special needs, we knew it would likely take a little longer for George to find his new family. But, we were happy to provide him with everything he needed until that day came along.

At the ARLGP we have the most amazing group of volunteers, 250 to be exact. They are the heart of what we do, and we couldn’t provide care to 4,000 animals every year without their dedication, generosity and compassion.

One particular volunteer, Peggy, comes in twice a week to assist with our front desk. Peggy found herself quite drawn to George and his chit-chat, that she found herself visiting him every shift. And, as you can guess, the rest is history:

“As a volunteer here, I have the wonderful opportunity to visit with the pets. It was love at first sight when I saw George and he said “hello” to me. I could relate to George and what he was feeling as a senior myself. I knew he deserved a loving home, and happily adopted him.


George is very independent. He’s always hungry and talks all the time. He’s graduated from my bedroom to having the run of the house with my dog and two cats. He loves to stretch out on the sofa and watch TV. His breakfast was late one morning and he let me know it, chattering all the way. He is getting to know the routine and last night my heart skipped a beat when he got up from his usual place on the couch and jumped into my lap! I waited a bit then tried to pet him, and he promptly jumped down. We’re making progress!

It was certainly meant to be and we’re all very happy.”

We are so thrilled for George and Peggy. When George was adopted we shared his adoption photo on our facebook page, which resulted in more than 1,300 likes! How awesome is that? Happy holidays, George!

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