12 Saves of Christmas: Marcie and Sissy (Save #5)

We first met the adorable duo, Sissy and Marcie, in April of 2010. They were 5-year-old rat terrier sisters. They had spent their entire life together since birth, and were the best of friends. There was no question about it: they needed to go off to a new home together!

Sissy and Marcie were quickly adopted by a lovely family shortly after their arrival at the ARLGP. They spent five wonderful years in their home before returning to us this fall. Due to changes within their family, Sissy and Marcie’s humans were no longer able to provide care to them. We were more than happy to welcome them back to the ARLGP.

Now 10, Sissy and Marcie were seniors. Marcie, almost completely blind, depended even more on her sister to guide her. Sissy, always the more reserved one, found a new confidence in being her sister’s seeing guide. They were even more bonded than when we fist met them, and we were determined to find them a home where they could spend their golden years in.


For almost two months we did everything we could to shine the spotlight on this dynamic duo. We posted about them regularly on our website and facebook, we wrote a blog about how amazing they were, and we even featured them on WCSH6’s Fetch ME a Home segment (which they LOVED!). It took almost two months before their new mom, Donna, clicked over to our website and saw their photo. She immediately knew it was meant to be:

“I first saw Marcie and Sissy on the ARLGP web site. I couldn’t wait to go in the meet them. They were so sweet. I fell in love with them right away, and I knew they would be coming home with me.

sissy_marcie_adoption photo

Heading home on adoption day!

Since bringing them home it has been pure pleasure. They are constant companions to me; they go where ever I go. They are very sweet, loving, well-mannered dogs, I couldn’t be happier with them.


Marcie and Sissy on a walk with mom!

When I walked into the ARLGP that day to meet these cute little dogs I had no idea that I would be coming home with my two best friends. We are certainly a family forever.”

We are thrilled Sissy and Marcie are spending the holidays with their new mom, Donna! Our hearts are very full knowing that they are happy at home, together.


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