12 Saves of Christmas: Tootsie (Save #4)

We first met Tootsie in the fall of 2014 when she arrived to the ARLGP as a stray cat. She was a gorgeous kitty. She was shy and reserved, nervous and unsure of her new surroundings. She was young, we estimated about 2.

During her first days with us we learned that Tootsie was epileptic. We monitored her closely while we established a treatment plan that worked best for her. After two weeks of observation and care in our isolation unit, she was moved to our adoptable cat room. She was ready to find her new home!

As a special needs kitty, we knew it would take longer to find a family that was prepared to adopt Tootsie as she requires medication and frequent visits to the vet to ensure she is happy and healthy. We put her front and center in our cat room! As she got comfortable with her new surroundings she truly started to blossom. After several weeks we observed her turn into a more social, outgoing feline. She began to greet everyone who entered with a loud meow. Her kennel was the first stop for most visitors, as she enticed them in for some petting and purring. We found she LOVED to be held, and people were more than happy to snuggle her up. Her famous “trick” was making muffins, as she was always kneading her blankets with her big paws.

After more than six months at the ARLGP, Tootsie finally met her humans. They came to visit the ARLGP to adopt a cat (or two!). They had no other animals, and were open to suggestions on anyone that may be a good fit. We jumped at the chance to introduce them to Tootsie and they instantly fell in love. They quickly asked, how does she do with other cats? Could they take home a companion for her? We were quite confident Tootsie would be open to a playmate and introduced them to Tahoe, who was roughly the same age as Tootsie and as outgoing as could be! Now, they are all happy at home celebrating the holidays together:


“We adopted Tootsie in June 2015. She is now Rosalie (aka: cotton ball head, sweet girl, pretty girl, etc.). We also got a friend for her the same day, Tahoe (now called Castiel or my handsome boy, sweet boy, smooshy…). The first few weeks were a little rough. He wants to play all the time and she is pretty much a Diva. She likes to play with him now, only when she thinks no one is looking. When she came to her forever home she was afraid and hid behind a chair in the living room. No amount of coaxing would get her to leave her safe place. She did come out to eat and use the litter box. Eventually she decided to camp out in the kitchen (where the food is). She slowly started to come to our bedroom at night and take over my side of the bed. She usually jumps up to the bed at our heads and runs across our faces while we are trying to sleep. When she settles down she will lean against my back and if I wake in the middle of the night I usually discover she has taken over my side of the bed! Of course I don’t want to disturb her so I squish myself into the small amount of space left in between. She finally decided the entire house is hers to roam and makes herself comfy where ever she pleases. She keeps her buddy in line yelling at him when he races around the house. She has also taken up this race car behavior.

She is very healthy. The vet gave her a great report. She has epilepsy so we have to monitor her medication levels a few times a year. She was a little “plump” when we got her but she has come down to a good weight now. She is still a lazy girl but will run full speed up and down the hallway and also “dance” in the kitchen (chase her tail or a morsel of food). Once in a awhile she will bat at a toy but she is too much of a diva to stoop that low most of the time.

We are so happy to have Rosalie in our home. She is a sweet girl and we are glad to have her as part of the family.”

Yay for Tootsie! She had a pretty special place in our hearts, and we couldn’t be happier for her.


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