12 Saves of Christmas: Max (Save #3)

Max (formerly Mikey) came to us from Georgia. He was found by a Georgia rescue group in pretty bad shape, requiring significant dental work and the removal of an eye. He was a senior gentleman, estimated to be about 12. He was in their care for two months before making the trip up to Maine to find his new, happy beginning.

When Max arrived we were so excited to meet him. We had heard about what he had been through, and we knew that we could find him a family to give him all the love he deserved. He was a trooper, but his history didn’t affect his spirit one bit! He was the perfect mixture of spunky, affectionate and curious. Having only one eye didn’t cause him trouble at all. He trotted around our trails and play yards as happy as could be. Our staff and volunteers were instantly in love with him and his perseverance.


Max at our groundbreaking ceremony.

Max had a very active first week at the ARLGP! After seeing the vet and being cleared for adoption, he attended the groundbreaking ceremony of our new Arthur P. Girard Adoption Center where everyone gushed about how lovely he was. He met lots of new friends, two and four-legged, and enjoyed every minute of it.

At the ARLGP we have the most amazing network of foster homes. Our foster families provide care and love to animals who need time outside of the shelter. They are an incredibly compassionate group of volunteers, and we couldn’t fulfill our mission without them.

Two of our long-term fosters and volunteers, Thea and Lisa, had recently lost a four-legged companion. They were looking to add a new canine to their household, and came in to meet Max. They knew instantly that he was heading out the door with them.

For two months Max had the most wonderful life with Thea and Lisa. He was loved tremendously by everyone he met. His daily walks through their neighborhood were always a highlight, as he greeted all the neighbor dogs and humans.  He celebrated his first Maine Halloween as a tootsie roll! In November we invited him in to be featured in our Giving Tuesday video, where Thea talked about how Max had become an advocate for adoption. His story was powerful and heartwarming, and he was finally happy at home.


Sadly, Max passed away in November from a neurological condition. We are so grateful for adopters like Thea and Lisa who open their hearts and homes to senior animals. We are comforted knowing his last chapter was a great one with them. He has left a paw print on many hearts here, and we count ourselves lucky to have known such an extraordinary and resilient boy.

2 thoughts on “12 Saves of Christmas: Max (Save #3)

  1. Althea Hall

    Max was the best! He was brave and resilient and taught us so much about how to be strong in a world that could be so harsh. He was loved to the moon and back in his last weeks with us and he will be forever in our hearts. We miss you Maximillian!!!! xoxox

  2. Joanne Sheaffer

    I hung out with Max a few times—– beyond lovable. I didn’t know he passed. Thank you for giving him comfort and joy during his final months. That’s no small thing. Oh, and being a Tootsie Roll must’ve been on his bucket list!


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