12 Saves of Christmas: Midnight (Save #2)

Midnight came to the ARLGP in June of 2015. Her owner was having health concerns, and could no longer provide Midnight with the care she needed. Her owner was terribly upset, as he had her since she was a kitten. We assured him we would give Midnight the highest level of care while we found her a new family.

Midnight was a senior, around 9. She had a hard time transitioning here. She had spent her entire life with her dad, and the change of people and surroundings was hard for her. It took quite some time for her to settle in. She spent the first month at the ARLGP in our feline manager’s office, settling in and learning the new routine. Once she adapted, she really began to blossom. Shy to new people at first, she’d warm up quick with some treats or pets.

As a senior, all-black cat, we knew it would take a bit longer to find her a family. We’d always be quick to talk about Midnight with adopters looking for a new companion. However, we weren’t having any success finding her a new family to call her own. In October, we moved her to an offsite adoption location, hoping as the only cat she would shine. On November 23rd, after more than a month offsite, we moved her back to the ARLGP with one, single mission: send Midnight home!


Midnight and her new mom.

Midnight was with the ARLGP for almost six months before finding a new family. We are typically closed on Wednesdays, but decided to open the Wednesday before Thanksgiving in hope of sending some pets off to new homes in time for the holiday. We adopted out six cats that day, Midnight was happily one of them.

Two days after Midnight’s adoption, we learned that Midnight’s original dad had passed away the Monday before Thanksgiving, on November 23rd— the same day Midnight came back to the ARLGP to find her new home. In his obituary, his family kindly asked for someone to adopt his sweet cat Midnight. Or, if Midnight wasn’t the cat for them, to consider adopting another animal in need.

We truly think fate played a hand in Midnight’s next chapter.  Our hearts are full knowing that she is spending the holidays with a family that loves her as much as her dad did.


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