Meet Maximus: Romeo to your Juliet?

Maximus is our resident Mr. Handsome. He is 70 pounds of brawn and charm. We absolutely LOVE this guy. He has us all wrapped around his paw; we can’t get enough of his sweet chocolate eyes and golden coat.


Maximus also happens to be one our of longest canine residents, looking for his new, happy home. Why is that, you may ask? With all of Maximus’ good looks and beefiness, comes a high level of energy and activity. If he was of the human species, he’d be a body builder and hit the gym twice a day to maintain those pecks and biceps.


Your new, personal trainer!

What is Maximus looking for in his soul mate? Someone who loves running, playing, hiking, and jogging as much as he does. He wants to get his paws on the trails and work his nose to the ground. Our staff and volunteers love taking him on his daily walks, he burns twice the calories. Perhaps your New Year resolution was to lose a few extra pounds? Let Maximus be your personal trainer!

Don’t get us wrong- this guy knows how to get his snuggle on. After a jog around the neighborhood, or a good fetch session in the back yard, Maximus is happy to curl up next to you on the couch or take a snooze in his favorite bed.


Maximus would love to find room on your couch! (image via Off the Leash)

Oh, and did we mention: this kid is SMART. That adorable, blocky lab head of his holds an incredibly intelligent mind. He’s ready to expand his knowledge and learn even more commands and tricks with his new family. He’s known to do just about anything for some string cheese.

Maximus loves toys of all types, and particularly enjoys squeaky toys (we’ll even send him home with a lifetime supply!). Something else Maximus can be playful with: critters and small animals. We’d say he’s a little too curious in his smaller, furry friends to live with cats. However, Maximus likes most dogs (of all sizes!) and would likely adore having a canine sibling in his new home who loves adventuring as much as he does.


Come say hi to me!

We just know there is a human out there looking for exactly what Maximus has to offer: smart, handsome, kind, affectionate (we could go on and on). We’ve considered listing him on eHarmony, but he has reservations about online dating (keyboards are just too complicated when you have big paws).

If you think your lifestyle would benefit from the company of a guy like Maximus, stop on by and run around our play yard with him. We promise you won’t regret it.

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