Meet Riley, Our Plain Brown Dog

June 2016 update: Riley is still looking for a new, happy home! Give us a call to meet Riley at (207) 854-9771. We promise you won’t regret it.

Some dog stories find a way through the social media maze and get millions of likes and shares (and melting hearts).  If you are hoping for that you’ve landed on the wrong page – this isn’t that story and we know it, but we think it’s worth reading anyway.

Meet Riley, a plain brown dog from the Buxton hoarding case last August. We didn’t want to play the “hoarding card” but it’s time, because this dog deserves a home.


Riley, enjoying a walk on the ARLGP trails.

Riley came in with 17 other plain brown dogs – covered in feces, with open wounds and sores on his head and feet.  He was a dog with a grim past and an uncertain future. His condition told a story of neglect and mental illness.

After many baths, medical treatment, a new diet, training and foster care – he’s on the road to living well through recovery.  Let’s be honest, as well as a hoarding dog can be “well.”

Riley’s road to recovery isn’t over just yet –he’s searching for and seeking what we all want – to be loved and cherished.

We would best describe Riley as quirky. He’s super silly, funny, and a little unpredictable. That’s what makes him special to us. He’s a dog who likes people more than other dogs. He’s a dog that hones in on small animals like a laser beam. He’s a dog that has taught us the definition of resilience, all with a goofy smile on his face.


Riley and his favorite toy, the blue dinosaur!

You’d think living in a house without access to the outdoors your entire life might cause you some social anxiety. Not the case for Riley! This kid is all about making new (human) friends and adventuring through town. A favorite activity? Riding in the car. It’s a hoot to go to the ATM with him – he pushes his face right out the window and smiles for the camera, he gets a treat after the cash is dispensed!


Riley and his foster dad, snuggling up!

And while we are talking about treats: Riley will sit and stay proudly for a delicious morsel or snack. And, he’ll even nail you with a high five if you ask (sometimes you don’t even have to ask – it’s just offered).


High five!

He loves to do training exercises. He is his best self when he is engaged in learning new things.  He loves his baby “Dino” (note: we have three back up Dino’s because we just don’t know what will happen if Dino meets his demise – that’s the unpredictable Riley).

This plain brown dog enjoys snuggling and cuddling, as long as there are no wild turkey’s walking past the window or a cat strolling across the lawn.  He would be an awesome security dog because he protects his people and his stuff like a Special Forces canine.

Our hope is that Riley finds the kind of home he deserves, one that accepts him for his quirkiness and has a desire to make a difference for a plain brown dog, who came from a rough beginning.  Our hope is simple, can you look beyond the plain brown dog and see what we see: a diamond in the rough, a unique snowflake? If you’re the optimist, the glass half-full type—stop by and take a chance on Riley. We just want this dog to get the second chance he deserves and a loving human to call home.

4 thoughts on “Meet Riley, Our Plain Brown Dog

    1. Jeana Roth Post author

      We aren’t sure what breed Riley is– he truly is a mix! We think he would do best in a home without other animals, but we are happy to talk more with you about him and his needs. Feel free to give us a call at 854-9771. He is a great dog!

  1. Jill and Herb Jones

    We may be interested in Riley. We are a 60ish couple, who have had a couple American bull dogs so we know quirkiness. We are looking for a dog mostly for companionship. I work nights so I’m home most of the day, My husband has his own lawncare business and would like a dog that wouldn’t mind going with him in his truck. We live in Thomaston and have a big back yard. It’s not fenced in, but he would only be out there with us. He would definatly be an indoor dog. Please let me know if you think he would fit into our lifestyle. We are eager to meet him

    1. Jeana Roth Post author

      We would love to tell you all about Riley! I will pass your email address along to our kennel team. If phone is easier, feel free to forward a phone number to me at! We look forward to telling you all about this wonderfu boy.


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