Experienced mousers seeking full-time employment!

Do you own a farm, barn or outdoor structure that would benefit from the expertise of a highly-trained, professional mouser?  Our County Kitties program offers just that!

At the ARLGP, we receive many surrendered and stray felines that are not suitable for an indoor lifestyle. These felines are placed into our Country Kitties program, where we find them homes in our community that can offer them just the environment they are looking for.

What makes a cat a Country Kitty? These cats have likely lived outdoors, independently, for most of their life. They may be feral or semi-feral, and are not accepting of living indoors. Sometimes, these felines are friendly towards people, but are happiest with the freedom to be outdoors.

Their social skills vary, dependent on the amount of human interaction they are accustomed to. Some Country Kitties simply need shelter and fresh water to be well cared for. Others will seek out affection and attention from their human counterparts, but will frolic happily outdoors to hunt and adventure.

One thing we do know: Country Kitties will undoubtedly help with your vermin control needs. They think of themselves as lions and tigers, ready to pounce on their prey and leave your barn mouse-free!



Currently, we have two Country Kitties looking to manage your property, patrol your barn, guard your fields (free of charge!).

Meet Brandi: Brandi is a beautiful patch tabby. She came to us as a stray, so her history is a mystery to us. What we do know is that this girl LOVES to play and would make a top-notch mouser. She enjoys spending time outside romping and rolling in the sun. She is a little quirky, and will seek out human attention on her own terms. She’s sure to be a friendly barn cat and walk through your yard with you, rubbing against your legs.  If you’re looking for a fun and friendly mouser, look no further: Brandi is your girl!



Meet Tonka: Tonka is a handsome tuxedo cat looking to tend to your yard, field, or farm. He would love to spend his days outside, exploring the great outdoors. He has most likely spent the better part of his life mousing and hunting. Tonka is the kind of kitty who will be in and out of the spotlight of his humans. You’re more likely to catch his eyes peering at you from a distance, as he goes incognito to catch the next furry little creature to cross his path (he takes his job very seriously).  If you’re looking for a handsome debonair for a barn cat, Tonka is the guy for you!

What is the criteria for adopting a Country Kitty?

  • An outdoor housing area, such as a barn or stable.
  • The ability to provide long-term veterinary care, when needed.
  • The ability to provide food and water in your outdoor housing area.

It is important to note that adopting a Country Kitty is still a responsibility, and the adopter will be providing necessary care to their feline throughout their entire life. In return, you are providing a home to an animal in need.

Country Kitties are always spayed or neutered, and up to date on their vaccinations. They are patiently waiting for a new outdoor home. If you are interested in learning more about adopting a Country Kitty, contact the ARLGP at (207) 854-9771 or email feline staff member, Jen Brown, at jbrown@arlgp.org. We’d love to tell you all about our Country Kitties!


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