Meet Magic, the feline Labrador Retriever!

Some cats that come through the ARLGP are truly one-of-a-kind. We knew within minutes, Magic was a special kind of cat.

He may be plain black in color, without fancy stripes or patches. He’s got short hair just like 33% of the other cats we see. And he likes to curl up in a warm bed for lots of naps (have you ever met a cat that doesn’t?).

So what makes Magic SO special? He’s a Labrador Retriever, trapped in a cat’s physique. He truly thinks he is a dog.

Yes, you read that correctly.

Magic will play fetch for as long as you will participate. Grab his purple mouse, give it a good throw, and off Magic goes leaping from whatever furniture he has perched himself on. Grab a toy, roll it across the floor and Magic will happily run and retrieve it for another round.


“Hmmm, what do we have here?”

Magic has set up his camp in our feline manager’s office. Like most labs – err, cats—Magic enjoys ample room to rumble and tumble around in. He’s incredibly athletic and agile. We think he would be fantastic at dock dogs, if water was his thing.

Just like his canine counterparts, Magic likes to play hard then nap hard. He loves to snuggle up in a nice cozy bed with lots of toys around him, dreaming of his next big adventure. Magic is also very curious and inquisitive. If you’re writing a paper, he’ll lay down right on top of it. Typing on the computer? The keyboard is the perfect place to lounge. Would you like to take a seat in your desk chair? Too bad, Magic’s snoozing away in it.

Magic and his favorite dog bed.

Magic and his favorite dog bed.

And our favorite Magic trick of all? Opening Tupperware. If you’re used to hiding your meals from your canine, same goes with Magic. He uses his (adorable) little paws to work the lids off, and before you know it—your meal has been enjoyed and devoured (just not by you).

"Thanks for sharing your lunch with me! Now, let's get to work."

“Thanks for sharing your lunch with me! Now, let’s get to work.”

So, like we say to most canine adopters about young and energetic dogs: Magic is looking for an active household that will provide him with exercise, stimulation and variety. He would like a family that will participate in his fun with him. Fetching toys, laser pointers, furry wands—he is a fun and spirited boy who knows how to have a good time. His humans should know how too.

Magic can come off a bit shy with new people. But once you get to know him, he’s your best friend for life. Because of his current occupancy of our feline office, Magic isn’t located in the adoptable cat area. But just ask an ARLGP staff member about him, and we’ll lead the way to his abode. Really, please ask, because we’d love nothing more than to send this happy, goofy guy off with his new family.

We think it’s also important to note that Magic has lived with other felines in a previous home, but would be best matched with cats that have a similar play style. We think he would likely LOVE having a dog playmate, as long as they are respectful of cats and enjoy his company too. Older children would likely be best for Magic.

Come on by and meet Magic! He’d love to meet you.



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