Meet Princess, Our Royal ARLGP Kitty.

Princess is a lovely girl. She is only a year old. Princess adores being around her people, and is looking for a home where she can be a true companion to her family.


“Hi, I’m Princess!”

Princess is a pretty special gal. She came to the ARLGP in January, and has spent most of her time with us in a foster home. Princess was born with abnormalities in all four limbs. She is very small for her age (a forever kitten!). Princess has adapted very well to her body and gets around just fine. She can even be pretty speedy! A bit shy at first, once she settles in and gets to know her new surroundings, she truly blossoms. She behaves just like any other feline, and is incredibly sweet and kind.

Princess does require a lower sided litter box to better accommodate her needs. She is full grown, but looks very much like a kitten. She has lived with older children in her foster home and did very well (young children may be a bit too much commotion for Princess). Princess absolutely adored the dog in her foster home, and would likely love a canine companion.  She also did incredibly well with the felines in her foster home. She also likes to play with cat toys, and will even carry them around with her.


Princess and her favorite toy.

If you are looking for a new feline friend, we encourage you to consider this beautiful girl. Princess isn’t all that fond of the shelter environment, and we would love nothing more than to find her a happy home this weekend. Give us a call to learn more about Princess, or better yet, stop on by and say  hello!


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